My Sims - Kingdom - For the Nintendo Wii - £23.48 delivered at amazon - Cheapest I can find

My Sims - Kingdom - For the Nintendo Wii - £23.48 delivered at amazon - Cheapest I can find

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Found 10th Nov 2008 Review
The Sims returns to the Wii in MySims - Kingdom. Take control of not just your own town but a whole kingdom. King Roland runs a pretty strange realm though, with his medieval castle neighbouring the cowboy-filled Frontier Land, the aptly named Adventure Land, and the Sci-Fi style Tomorrow Land.
King Rolands kingdom has some very unusual subjects
Some of the kingdoms lands are more high tech than others
Frontier Land is filled with cowboys and cowgirls
Pig wrestling is more fun than it sounds

As you visit each of the different worlds youre able to help out the people you meet with your special construction abilities. Using a magical sceptre you can build and modify buildings however you want, using the Wii remote to pick up parts and change them however you want. You can do the same with furniture and other objects--even your own character!

This comes in very handy for everything from rebuilding rocket ships to helping placate angry dragons. Once people get to know you, you can stop by to socialise as you make your own home in the land of your choice.
Key Features

* Land of opportunity: Visit each of the very different realms and help out King Rolands subjects in an exciting story of construction and co-operation.
* Join the crowd: Chat with all the games peculiar inhabitants, making friends or upsetting people on purpose.
* Edit everything: Design and build your own home with just a few gestures from the Wii remote and help fix up other buildings throughout the kingdom.
* Scavenger hunt: Constructing and changing buildings and furniture requires different essences that you find in each land by chopping down trees or digging up gardens.
* Looking good: The games graphics have been completely revamped with interactive loading screens and smooth animation.

About the developer: EA Redwood Shores
Situated in San Francisco, the Redwood Shores studio has created many licensed games including The Godfather and The Simpsons Game as well as original titles such as Dead Space. In 2004 the studio was merged with The Sims creator Maxis.

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