My Sister's Keeper £7.89 @ Sendit Delivered + 6% Quidco

My Sister's Keeper £7.89 @ Sendit Delivered + 6% Quidco

Banned 4
Found 31st Jan 2010
Powerful Moving movie

Based on the best-selling novel, Nick Cassavetes My Sister's Keeper stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric as a married couple whose life is altered forever when they discover their two year old daughter Kate has leukemia. Their only hope to save Kate is to conceive another child, Anna.

Throughout their young lives Kate and Anna endure various medical procedures in the hope of keeping Kate alive, until, aged eleven, Anna says no more.


don't choose this as a special "val day" dont want your lovely weeping for HOURS!

Just watched this tonight, good movie IMHO

I want to see this but I think I will cry from start to finish :-D
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