My Sister's Keeper DVD £5 delivered @

My Sister's Keeper DVD £5 delivered @

Found 22nd Feb 2010Made hot 22nd Feb 2010
Based on the best-selling novel, Nick Cassavetes My Sister's Keeper stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric as a married couple whose life is altered forever when they discover their two year old daughter Kate has leukemia. Their only hope to save Kate is to conceive another child, Anna.

Throughout their young lives Kate and Anna endure various medical procedures in the hope of keeping Kate alive, until, aged eleven, Anna says no more.


Yay Ordered thankyou.... now where did I put those tissues!!

Saddest film I have ever watched! Good deal.

OMG put this in the same category as Marley & Me.... cried my eyes out to both of them x

this is much sadder than marley and me

fantastic movie, good buy

is it sadder than ps I love you...I near died watching that! my sister and cousin go on about marley and me...never seen it..think you might have to be a dog lover to watch that yeah????

so will I buy this film?????????? I love a good cry I do!!!!haha!

I'm voting hot!! xx


Saddest film I have ever watched! Good deal.





Brilliant film, just ordered... made me cry! xx

Oh god this made me cry, such an emotional film.
There were some students infront of us eating cocktail sausages and strawberrys (as you do) and one of them sobbed really really loud within about two minutes of the film starting!
Great film, but a real tear jurker.
On parr with Marly and me i'd say, but we were about to have our cat put down when we saw it so that might have swayed it a bit.

Have any of you read the book? Now that is sad. The film is pants in comparison and it doesn't even have the right ending! Good price though :roll:
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