My So-Called Life: The Complete Series (5 Discs) £8.99 [email protected]
My So-Called Life: The Complete Series (5 Discs) £8.99 del@play

My So-Called Life: The Complete Series (5 Discs) £8.99 [email protected]

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Clare Danes plays the angst ridden, introspective teen Angela Chase, in this critically acclaimed series from the 1990's. Follow the trials and tribulations as Angela has to deal with every issue imaginable to a teenage girl growing up.

Episodes Comprise:

1. Pilot
2. Dancing In The Dark
3. Guns And Gossip
4. Father Figures
5. The Zit
6. The Substitute
7. Why Jordan Can't Read
8. Strangers In The House
9. Halloween
10. Other People's Mothers
11. Life Of Brian
12. Self-Esteem
13. Pressure
14. On The wagon
15. So-Called Angels
16. Resolutions
17. Betrayal
18. Weekend
19. In Dreams Begin Responsibilities


The best "teen" drama released, good acting and great writing. Stopped after a season, probably because it was too hard-hotting and too close to the truth.
Remember watching some of the episodes on Channel4 when it was aired, now I can get the oppurtuninty to see all of them.
With this site being awash with DVD offers, I can thoroughly recommend anyone who is able to part with the asking price to buy this. Still as relevant today as it was back in the 90's.

H&R to the Op. :thumbsup:

ooh. i used to love this.. am a bit worried if i watch it again, it'll ruin my nostalgic memories of awesomeness though.. a la Pugwall. I really shouldnt have watched that again.

Brilliant show, far better than the twee teen dramas that followed it. Great acting, great stories, down to earth, and a perfect balance between the kids and the parents. Criminal that it only lasted one season.

£8.98 at ]amazon


From this






£8.98 at ]amazon

True, but remember there is Quidco/Top Cashback at Play as well:thumbsup:

Hot deal. Really enjoyed this series

Mad pictures of Jared Leto--that must have been after Ed Norton beat him to a pulp .
This was a fantastic series --great music as well .
Heat added.



Blimey. He was the archetypal American dream boy! I kinda wish I hadn't seen that 'after' pic...

[SIZE="3"]The one drama that managed to get closest to the heart of the claustrophobic, closed-off world of teenagedom with all its awkwardness, angst, uncertainties, insecurities, and intenseness.

I loved this show even though when it came around on Channel 4 I was in my late teens, 18-19 (what a crying shame it couldn't have arrived when I was 15, it would have helped me make sense of the world and made it so much more bearable) and I fell totally head over heels for Angela / Claire Danes (a crush that lasted well beyond the show's untimely end) - which of course created my own intense introspective drama of impossible love...

A good few years ago I was searching to see if they had finally released the show on DVD (there were a lot of people on MSCL fansites wishing and pining) and after a long time of petitioning the studio, they did indeed release it, though in the beginning really high prices of $120 or so were being bandied about (I think it was a somewhat limited release). I guess good things come to those who wait. Just a shame we had to start sprouting grey hairs before it got to this price...

Incredibly, I was thinking of the show just two days ago ! (how prescient is this deal ???) and I'd visited its imdb page once again (the first time since they introduced star ratings for TV shows), to see to my joy and relief that it has scored an outstanding 9 out of 10 over a very respectable 3330 votes ! VERY few shows can boast ratings better than this (Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Dexter) so I say, if you have fond memories but are apprehensive about spoiling them, you should be safe - it's going to be as good as ever, and you can comfortably immerse yourself into a reverie of reminiscence - it's probably the closest thing us 30-somethings can have to a time machine back to those heady times of heightened feelings and flying hormones in our lives... Give in to it![/SIZE]

.. i cant be sure, but i think Shoesize recommends it

Cheers mate loved this program and definatley brings back memories.

Loved this so much when I was a teen. I actually ended up buying the boxset from canada years ago cause I thought it would never be released here. Paid quite a lot of dosh for it... Needless to say i'm a bit miffed at the cheapness of it now!! Oh well c'est la vie!

[SIZE="3"]I wonder if this really is the soundtrack to the show:
(annoyingly, there's no details or tracklisting, and there are one or two other products called "My So-Called Life" or containing that in their title, so can't be 100% sure, but it seems very likely - anyone want to take a punt for £4 ?

If it is, it should be good - one particularly great moment from the show set to music which is forever burned into my memory is Angela dancing like a free spirit, bouncing up and down on her bed with wild abandon and a huge smile on her face to the tune of Violent Femmes' joyous and fabulous "Blister in the Sun" (damn that Ozzie beer company for soiling the purity of that song by using it in their advert).

If you want to put together your own soundtrack to the show, here's a very recent song which, although it doesn't really have anything to do with My So-Called Life (unless Leslie Feist was a fan of the show, which is entirely possible, seeing as she would have been 18 when it came out in the US/Canada) is a track which puts me in mind of MSCL every time I hear it - the song is "I feel it all" by Feist:
If this song had been around back then, it would have definitely made it into the show (as it is, it was used extensively (the xylophone cue especially) on the Channel 4 comedy "The Inbetweeners" - another excellent, although of course, very different show about the perils of teenagdom, and one that also rings true with the teenage in us - still, the emotiveness and fragile beauty of Feist's song doesn't quite fit the irreverent tone of The Inbetweeners, so I am reclaiming it for MSCL !


Awesome find, I hope this introduces more people to this truely groundbreaking show.

I echo all of the postive comments and feelings made...

Shoesize - I remember that moment vividly, one of many memorable moments accented by perfect music. Unfortunately the official soundtrack that was released, while a great piece of memorabilia , didn't include many of those songs. Ramones, Violent Femmes, Haddaway for example were all not on the soundtrack... I too ended up making my own compilation! (*geek alert*)

H&R. this is a hot deal btw, considering what it cost me to import my copy! Thanks OP.

Loved this show, definitely a favourite when I was younger. One of the few that was and still is the most realistic depiction of teenage life. Thanks!

Loved this when I was younger, takes me back!

How long do you think this offer will be available for? Im awaiting for my play.com credit card and would like to use it to pay to amass my points:p
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