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10 Piece Southern Fried Chicken and 1.5l bottle of Pepsi (full sugar!) £5.99 @ Big Johns
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th MayLocalLocal
Obviously not to everyone’s taste but can’t deny it’s a good deal, 10 piece chicken with 1.5 L bottle of full sugar Pepsi! The Pepsi is worth £1.50 alone so that’s 45p a piece. Ob… Read more
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Birmingham City centre branch is a big fat 0 on council website for food hygiene rating


No, a chain of chippies in Brum. Reckoned they were the first to do a drive through chippy though.


What the hell is big johns? Some kfc knock off up north


Oooft!the word gash has a totally different meaning here in Glasgow.....


Yeah, what's all that about?? How can most chippys not train their staff to cook chips properly? Does my head in

Free Pizza BOGOF @ Big Johns - 2 for £7.99
Posted 9th Feb 2018Posted 9th Feb 2018
Free Pizza BOGOF @ Big Johns - 2 for £7.99
Big johns are offering buy one get one free valentine's special heart shape pizza. Not bad price at all 2 for £7.99.
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How big are these? is 7.99 a good price?


They have pizza toppings in a display and they make the pizza right in front of you from what u tell them to put on it. I don't think it can get any better than that tbh...


Check this out


To be fair, next time your there have a look at the hygiene standards, not the one the council inspects, look at staff uniforms how clean is it generally, are the insect lights on and clean has food been left sitting out for a while, delivered supplies to various branches in a previous job, would not eat there myself


Religion causes war on Pizza - headline in the papers in the morning!

10 pieces of chicken for £4.99 at Big Johns
Posted 26th Apr 2017Posted 26th Apr 2017LocalLocal
10 pieces of chicken for £4.99 at Big Johns
Not sure if it's only at Big Johns Quinton but this is an amazing offer!!!!

​mate! i always get a variety!


It looks like a good deal but it isnt. On the picture it clearly shows 10 piece of chicken legs thigh wings breast. when you ask for it you get told its leg pieces only. Their leg pieces are tiny so not worth it. False advertising they should get done.


Why not just 1 piece for 50p lol?! [Or even 2 for £1]


​i 100% do not work for big johns, I just like chicken.


Exactly my thoughts...then I Google'd the place... If that was me I wouldn't want to have people looking at reviews of my business!!

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Big Johns 25% off
Posted 8th Jan 2016Posted 8th Jan 2016
they doing 25% off all online orders collection or delivery.

​pizza maybe?


What is Big Johns? The description and link give no clue....

25% off all online and call centre orders @ bigjohns
Posted 7th Jan 2016Posted 7th Jan 2016
25% off all online and call centre orders @ bigjohns
Get 25% off your entire food when you order online or via our call centre
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no, i live in essex but they are on my facebook feed and come up in my timeline quite a bit


Might be right


All your recent posts are for this retailer. Promotion for a retailer you are connected with?

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£1.99 donor or chicken naan kebab.- Big Johns
Posted 2nd Jun 2015Posted 2nd Jun 2015
£1.99 donor or chicken naan kebab.- Big Johns
Special price on a Monday currently, only about £3 normally I think, and by far the best I have ever had. Branches throughout Birmingham, Tamworth, Coventry etc Shared Via The … Read more
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Thead has got highjacked Fnarr

oceanic and this Why stunning Animals Prior to Slaughter cannot be accepted by Muslims? Much of the current debate surrounding the issue of religious and “humane” slaughter focuses on the supposed barbarity of the former and the assumed decency of the latter. Both methods deserve closer inspection to assess the claims of both camps. The Common Stunning Techniques are: The Captive Bolt Pistol – for cattle, calves and goats.Carbon Dioxide (CO2) / Chemical Strangulation – for pigs.Electrical Stunning – for sheep.Electrified Water Bath – for poultry. Scientific and medical research proves that stunning animals prior to slaughter is cruel and painful as many animals remain conscious and paralysed due to improper stunning, re-stunning, bone shattering, suffocation, strangulation, bruising, depressed skull fracture, etc. (Grandin, Blackmore, Schulze, and other researchers.) It should be borne in mind that electricity is widely used around the world for torturing human beings (in prisons and detention centres), so how can we say with certainty that an animal stunned using electricity feels no pain? In fact, the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) in the U.K. in its June 2003 report stated clearly: “IT IS DIFFICULT TO MEASURE PAIN AND DISTRESS DURING THE SLAUGHTER PROCESS IN AN OBJECTIVE SCIENTIFIC MANNER.” (No. 194, Page 34) So why then religious slaughter is criticised as painful and cruel to animals, when the FAWC itself has got no objective scientific evidence to prove its assumption that the animal in religious slaughter “Feels significant pain and distress”? The fact is that there is little or no pain in the religious slaughter (Schulze, Horder, Hill, Sir Evans, Burrow, Levinger, Bell, Openshaw, Hayhurst, etc). Some of the inhumane effects of pre-stunning include: Many animals die before they are cut (Hillman, Lawton, Glen, Gregory). According to FAWC, one third of chicken die before slaughter. The new method of stunning today is: STUN TO KILL before slaughter, which means the food is less healthy for us, as more blood stays inside the carcass.Causes blood splash into muscles and more harmful blood stays inside the meat (Gilbert, Blackmore). Retained blood in meat is a major cause of food poisoning & infections. “Captive bolts should be discontinued in view of their detrimental effect on meat quality.” (Marple, 1977.)Changes in the natural chemical constituents of the meat (Marple, Biala.) Spread of BSE, especially when the captive bolt pistol is used in cows (European Commission Study, 2002)Fails in at least 15% of cases, so repeated stunning is necessary, resulting in repeated torture and cruelty.Causes stress to the animal in at least 7 research studies. Islam prohibits Muslims from eating any meat coming from an animal that is dead before the religious slaughter can take place, as well as the consumption of any blood in any amount. These two prohibitions may occur during stunning. Muslims are also advised to avoid eating anything doubtful. Furthermore, meat for human consumption should be natural wholesome and undamaged. As it is Muslims hold the view that stunning is not only unnecessary but is cruel and painful to the animal, and moreover affects the draining of blood from the carcass thereby producing inferior quality meat. According to animal physiology, the direct religious method of slaying animals for food is painless at the time of death and after the cut, because of the huge haemorrhage induced by cutting the jugular veins in the neck. As the cut is made, blood pressure drops considerably and so the brain is instantaneously deprived of its normal blood supply – this ANAESTHETISES the animal immediately. For people of faith, especially Muslims, religious prescriptions are far more trustworthy than the declarations of the farm animal welfare groups. There is, after all, far more pressing issues that animal welfare organisations should be concentrating on, wherein the real cruelty to animals lies. For example: Battery Cage Factory farming (especially chickens.)Drugging (hormones and antibiotics.)Fox hunting, bull fighting, dog fighting, cock fighting etc.Cruel transportation.Commercial drug testing and experiments on animals.Torture, blindness, bruises, injuries, daily physiological abuse, torture and discomfort: including castration, maternal deprivation, interference with sexuality and fertility, cloning, tail docking, embryotomy, and hysterectomy. According to Islam, all these horrific types of animal cruelty are forbidden. The Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are full of instructions and guidance on the welfare and the rights of animals. These teachings were introduced before animal welfare or rights organisations were established!

oceanic I would advise anyone who believes stunning is somehow painless to read this article. It clearly explains that electricity doesn't anaesthetise animals from pain. Couple it with the fact that overstunning an animal causes the animal to shatter its own bones from the contractions. and the fact that abattoirs understun due to overstunning running the meat, leaving most of the animals conscious but paralised but able to feel pain. To me it is absurd to think halal slaughter is worse. Stunning is inhumane, most abattoirs halal or not are inhumanely run. But halal slaughter itself done right is humane as can be. Whether killing animals to eat meat is morally acceptable is a different issue. But halal slaughter done properly is no doubt the least painful, least distressing and most humane way to slaughter animals. I repeat done right, not done like in every abattoirs halaal or not halala.


Muslims whilst muslims, aren't homogenous clones. Just like all white people aren't the same. Some scholars allow stunning, but say avoid it, most outright don't. The media can brand anything halal, doesn't make it so. Frankly in most scholars opinions, nearly all factory farmed animals are haram to eat, due to the appalling treatment they are dealt with and kept it, let alone the way they die. No one goes on about that. As islamically it's also haram to slaughter animals who are in a distressed state. You have to wait until they calm down. Also there is plenty of opposing data coming from USA. Saying stunning and then cutting the throat, is more painful than halal slaughter done properly. It's not very hard to google it if you want to. But I'm not going to play this game of trying to get one up on each other. That's not my intention, my intention was merely to speak what i believe is to be true and dispel what i believe to be hate mongering lies and falsehoods promoted by media. Also saying shechita is done on a smaller scaleand therefore not a problem is hypocrisy. That just shows that the intention is to attack muslims and not jews.


Dont think youll say no to kosher will you? Racist

20"Pizza £6.39. All food 20% off online orders @ bigjohns
Posted 2nd Jun 2015Posted 2nd Jun 2015
20"Pizza £6.39. All food 20% off online orders @ bigjohns
Big Johns Branches throughout Birmingham, Coventry etc 20% off all online orders, delivery or collection. Mondays currently regular naan chicken or donor kebab only £1.99. Sh… Read more
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Can't see where you're getting this price from. 20" £14.99, with 20% off ably knocks £3 off.


for = 4 lol :-P


for nah two will polish that off


This or the pizza hut 9" for £5... Just shows how much of a rip off the hut is


Why not I'm london!!!

Big Johns 99p meals on summer offer again folks : )
Posted 26th Jun 2014Posted 26th Jun 2014
Big Johns 99p meals on summer offer again folks : )
All 99p a go; 4 hot wings and chips. 1 piece southern fried chicken and chips. Pizza slice and chips. 4 chicken nuggets and chips. Chicken steak burger. Cheese burger. Doner burger… Read more
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Well, Sally, keep bathing in the mud because we all know mud sticks. Anyway, a successful prosecution might save us all from an early heart attack.


Gawd, you lot have him hung drawn and quartered, he has been charged but it might of all been a big mistake. Perhaps he thought Fryer Tuck had paid the bill and its all been a big misunderstanding LMAO


Stealing is still stealing regardless of who from, and in this case profits won't be touched the Centrica board will still make their money it's the British Gas customers who take the burden when it comes to all the unpaid bills


Funny comments keep it up !


You're rather naive if you think British Gas were the ones who shouldered the cost of the £700,000 theft - it was British Gas customers who paid for it.

BigJohns 20" Margherita Pizza £7.99 !
Posted 21st Mar 2014Posted 21st Mar 2014
BigJohns 20" Margherita Pizza £7.99 !
20" of fantastic margharita pizza, about 20 slices of wo \ man vs pizza lol Feeds 4 to button bursting capacity, which @£2 each cannot be beaten, which is why I drive 20 miles ( … Read more
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Pizza party tonight, orders being collected from my mates, so far 6 X20" assorted pizzas ordered and the total is under £40 ! Remember guys, this extra 25% off is only until the end of March : )


Big Johns now has 25% off online orders collection and minimum of £10 order for delivery in local area. PS. Tried the BBQ and tomatoe sauce today, excellent IMHO


Good job this isn't for Pappa Johns then eh?


"Feeds 4 to button bursting capacity" You have clearly never met the creatures known as teenage boys.


There is a branch in Leicester :p

20" pizza with all the toppings - £10.49 @ Big Johns
Posted 7th Dec 2013Posted 7th Dec 2013
20" pizza with all the toppings - £10.49 @ Big Johns
I recently felt like eating a nice pizza found big johns had a 20 inch pizza [build your own] for just £13.99 i added the Big Johns Secret Recipe Spicy Sauce (+ £0.70) though as i… Read more

Cold because there's no Papa Johns anywhere near here :(


its been on for ages, i dont think it has an expiry date, i was hungry then went and ordered one then realised its a good deal i may aswell share.


Mmmm so tempting, is the deal on for the rest of the week? Yeh i don't like the Pizza Hut ones because of the salt and oil clogging you up.


i shared it between me and my brother, uite easy to eat, its filling but isnt packed with salt so it is not super filling to the point where 4 slices fills you. the meat is lush the dough is lush its great deal and great food.


Shame this isn't local to me .... I want one lol

Half price 12 inch Pizza at Big Johns when you order online (from £2.75 - £3.49 )
Posted 4th Oct 2013Posted 4th Oct 2013
Half price 12 inch Pizza at Big Johns when you order online (from £2.75 - £3.49 )
( We just had the Pepperoni one and it was lovely! ) :D Half price 12 inch pizza (12 Slices) at Big Johns when you order online. From £2.75 to £3.99 The amount automatically com… Read more

Pleas unexpire this. The offer is still on!


worked for me from the shirley store just.


hot for me thanks


Birmingham & Leicester in the title would be helpful!


No thanks

Half Price Pizza @ Big Johns Collection Only 6"-20"
Posted 31st Mar 2013Posted 31st Mar 2013LocalLocal
Big John's takeaway currently have a half price pizza offer, spotted in Lozells, Birmingham branch but may be nationwide, includes any toppings both deep pan and crispy. 6" - 99p … Read more

Are they cousins to Papa Johns ??


Big Johns Rock - and its not just Pizza, there nan kebabs are legendary as are the curry deals ! THERE'S A BIG JOHN'S NEAR YOU BigJohn's Shirley (Delivery Available) 260/262 Stratford Road Shirley Birmingham B90 3AD BigJohn's Quinton (Delivery Available) 768 Hagley Road Quinton Birmingham B68 0PJ BigJohn's Chelmsley Wood Cooks Lane Chelmsley Wood Birmingham B37 1NU BigJohn's Lozells (Delivery Available) 54 Lozells Road Lozell Birmingham B19 2TJ BigJohn's Selly Oak 762 Bristol Road Selly Oak Birmingham B29 3AD BigJohn's Highgate 291 Gooch Street Highgate Birmingham B5 7SE BigJohn's West Bromwich (Delivery Available) Unit 1 Dudley Street Carters Green West Bromwich B70 9RL BigJohn's Soho Road 379 Soho Road Handsworth Birmingham B21 9SF BigJohn's Perry Barr 282 Wellington Road Perry Barr Birmingham B20 2QL BigJohn's Lawley Middleway Langdon Street/Garrison Lane Birmingham B9 4BP BigJohn's Erdington Sutton New Road Erdington Birmingham B23 6TJ BigJohn's Acocks Green 18 Yardley Road Acocks Green Birmingham B27 6ED BigJohn's Kings Heath (Delivery Available) Unit 1 Scotts Corner High Street Kings Heath B14 7DG BigJohn's Kingstanding 235 Hawthorn Road Kingstanding Birmingham B44 8PL BigJohn's Narborough Road (Delivery Availbale) 100-102 Narborough Road Leicester LE3 0BS BigJohn's Humberstone Road 87 Humberstone Road Leicester LE5 3AN BigJohn's City 120-122 Corporation Street B4 6SX


Lolz. I'm guessing he's scared on people with skin tones as yourself? Well there's a Big Johns in West Bromwich, which is a pretty neutral area for you scare-dy cats.... And what is this about Big Johns being nationwide!? Isn't it just a Birmingham based company o_O??


wats wrong with lozells???????????


pizza from here is awesome and prices are awesome. ..but only in bham. love getting them when im up there

Triple Cheese Burger for £1.99 @ Big Johns
Posted 26th Mar 2010Posted 26th Mar 2010
Triple Cheese Burger for £1.99 @ Big Johns
Went into my local Big Johns (B'ham, Erd) and saw these amazing offers on the Cheese Burgers. They have the Single for £0.99 and the double for £1.69 and the triple for £1.99, and … Read more

Well, that took a bit of thinking about! A whole 4 days from the last post to come up with that TROLLING post? Has it being weighing heavy on your mind? I really haven't come across anyone in 2010 that would imagine that someone living in Coventry wouldn't know a wide variety of places in Birmingham! You do know how close it is, don't you? Amusing, if not so insulting too!


WTF do you know, your not even from Birmingham and I dont think you`ve actually eaten from Big Johns.. Yeah Yeah, and now your gonna tell me you did and it was the worst.. What a time waster.. Get outa here..!


must have been University of Central England ? :)


The triple by-pass more like.


Have you actually checked out the website for this dump?!?!?! Jesus Christ, in memory of our mother, WTF has that got to do with food and how off putting is that?!?!?! I wouldn't eat ANYTHING out of these places if you paid me a small fortune!

Fish & Chips only 99p every friday @ Big Johns (Birmingham)
Posted 18th Jul 2009Posted 18th Jul 2009
Fish & Chips only 99p every friday @ Big Johns (Birmingham)
Surprised nobodys posted this before, seems like a great deal Every friday big johns are doing fish and chips for 99p, its quite a big portion you get too. Normal cost is usually … Read more

I can't say I've had a bad meal from Big Johns in Selly Oak, although it sometimes scares me whats in there considering the price, it always tastes brill. (A story) - We had some of our colleagues over from Texas a while back and they were asking for a good food place as the portions from the Chiipys, pitza places etc were too small for them. I directed them to Big Johns and said 'ask for a large Chicken kebab' Needless to say they enjoyed it but could not finish it - :thumbsup:


I used to sometimes eat from Big Johns until I had a piece of fish that had a large piece of plastic melted into the batter, strangely enough that was the last time I ate there lol. I only go to the Seaqueen at Castle Brom, award winning chips there.


Thats the place. Does enough trade to only open a few hours a day and stays in business.


i pay £6 for my local fish and chippy i think its the best tho... the fish is hugeeee and fresh


That's the place in Small Heath - open lunchtimes only? I have only ever passed by when it has been busy and I have been on my way somewherer with no spare time! It is REPUTED to still use Beef dripping, and for that reason has always been on the list to try, although I had also heard that the quality had dropped!

20" Pizza. Unlimited toppings for £9.99. Sumemr Special @ Big Johns
Posted 6th Jul 2009Posted 6th Jul 2009
20" Pizza. Unlimited toppings for £9.99. Sumemr Special @ Big Johns
Big johns (west bromwich) have got their 20" pizza (biggest in the UK) on special offer, was £12.99 now £9.99 to take away, drive through or eat in. Best thing of all you can hav… Read more

32"?! wow well they're stating its the largest in the UK anyway, no doubt they'll be sued is thats the case :p these pizzas are huge, i hardly can get them on the back seat, i usually have to put em in the boot much better value than pizza hut and you can have all the toppings you like :)


nom nom nom nom nommmmm


Great deal will be getting this for the weekend, cheers OP.

These guys are wicked! Cheap too.


Hardly the biggest in the UK, I have a Fona Pizza menu here which does a 32" pizza :)

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