MyCineworld : Cinema ticket discount (approx 10%)  and no online booking fees

MyCineworld : Cinema ticket discount (approx 10%) and no online booking fees

Found 21st Oct 2011
Free signup (no need to register credit card details and personal info submission during registration is optional) for cheaper online tickets and no booking fee (see offer details below) for Cineworld.

Just checked prices online after signing up and online member price per ticket is £6.60 compared to the standard rate of £7.30 - individual cinema prices may be different?

Full offer details :

Cheaper tickets online for all of our Cinemas in Scotland

It is about time you get rewarded for showing your love of films, with MyCineworld not only we have removed the online fee for all our cinemas in Scotland but we offer MyCineworld members cheaper prices online than at the cinema.
Faster ticket bookings and gift card purchase online

Log in every time you visit, we will remember your personal details and automatically populate your favourite cinema at the top of our booking widget to make your life easier.
Keep Track of the films you have seen

Access your booking history on your private and secure member?s area, you will be able to update your preferences and preferred film genres as well so we can notify you when your next favourite films get released.
Newsletters and offers that are relevant to you

You will receive in your inbox the film times for your favourite cinema, see the latest trailers and have access to exclusive competitions and offers.
Sign up Today for you chance to win a year of Cinema!

To celebrate the brand new MyCineworld offer, we have decided to give a year of free cinema to one of our lucky customers. Sign up before 15/05 and you will be automatically entered into a draw to win a Cineworld Unlimited card.

Watch this space as there is a lot more to come for MyCineworld members.
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You might wanna read it carefully, the discount and no booking fees thing is for Scotland ONLY!
Finally a scotland only deal

Finally a scotland only deal

Charming. There was I thinking sharing was caring. Typical.
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