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Myenergi Zappi v2.1 7kW EV Charging Station with 32A Type 2 Tethered 6.5m Lead Black £719.70 @ CEF

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  • 3 Charging modes eco, eco+ and fast
  • Optimises micro-generation self consumption
  • Economy tariff sense input
  • EV charging from surplus solar or wind generation
  • Programmable timer function
  • Charge and event logging
  • Pin code lock function
  • Dynamic load balancing for maximum installation flexibility
  • OZEV approved
  • Integral cable holster
  • Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi for connecting to the internet
  • Complete with latest software and tamper protection boundary
further details: myenergi.com/zap…er/
CEF More details at CEF
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    Do you know if they make one for people who live on the 7th floor (edited)
    Reach out to your local council. Companies like Electric Blue offer solutions for people who live in a situation where off-street parking doesn't exist and can make use of lamp posts for EV Charging. Grants are often available but unclaimed by councils. If you demonstrate a need most are actually open to implementing solutions.

    Comments like yours are things that I hear so often, but I myself am a perfect example that it is possible. I don't have my own driveway to charge on. I don't even have a local lamp post to plug into. But I can comfortably manage with the range of public charging solutions that are available. 49306810-RrjEh.jpg
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    How much does it cost now to charge a car compare to petrol ?
    77kwh battery at 10p per kwh (Intelligent Octopus). £7.70.......or £7.90 if you take in losses
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    Petrol is your friend
    Petrol is the wife.
    Diesel is the mistress.
    EV is the mother-in-law.
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    How much roughly do you think it will cost to install this?
    100s probably. I had an Ohme one fitted this week which included fitting for 949 total. But was in total about 11 hours of their time..so dread to think what I would have paid for labour if I had just bought the charger..see their pricing is now from 999 for a standard install which is what I had.
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    Is this incl installation?
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    I have one of these and I use it in conjunction with solar panels and so long as you generate over 1.3KW per hour it is smart and the charge goes to the car, it is very intelligent and a clever piece of kit.
    Depends on settings. Mine is set to any excess over 150w
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    Does it have a built in hub
    2.1 is wifi with hub
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    So add this cost to your solar panels and batteries and electric car and your ROI will be sometime in 30 odd years.
    Erm no. How can a car have an RoI?

    If you're referring to price difference on ICE car then it's 12 months

    8yrs for solar and battery. I use zero peak electric ever. From spring to autumn I'm pretty much off grid.
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    You wouldn't be able to buy the cable for install for less than £100, if your distribution board is on the outside wall and has the capacity then it could be £300. Make sure your your supply fuse is 100 amp, if it ain't then it as to be upgraded by the network and the tails to the meter have to be at least 25mm2 ( from memory)

    Tbh these are alot of money for what they are, a fancy 240 volt 32 amp outlet. People are paying a premium because they are relatively new to the market, leave it a few years ,if you can, and they will be around £200 plus install.