myHermes Parcelshop - £50 compensation for 3p per parcel over the Parcel2Go price

myHermes Parcelshop - £50 compensation for 3p per parcel over the Parcel2Go price

Found 15th Jul 2015
Just a quick tip for anyone who hadn't spotted it.

Parcel2Go have upped their price for the basic myHermes Parcelshop service from ~£2.35 for a 1KG parcel, up to £2.75.
However, they still include zero compensation, so if Hermes lose or damage your parcel, nothing you can do.

Booking directly on the myHermes website still costs £2.78 for a 1KG parcel but includes up to £50 of compensation as standard.

At £2.35 for 1KG I think this was the cheapest method to send most parcels available. Anyone know if that's still true at £2.78?
I know you can send (untracked) Royal Mail 2nd class at £2.80 so it's cutting it pretty close now.
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only used Hermes twice and twice it was a nightmare, never again.

only used Hermes twice and twice it was a nightmare, never again.

Hermes are shocking they lose loads of parcels
use them all the time never had a problem
Used them for past few years now. Haven't lost a parcel once.
never lost my parcels
Lost one parcel but unlike UPS paid me my asking price on ebay...UPS pay only the actual price that you can prov e with your invoices..and sometimes don't pay you VAT element as they assume as an ebay business you pay vat....if only I made that much
I've used them for nearly 300 parcels. 3 have gone missing. They've paid out each time. 99% sucess rate
I have been using MyHermes for 5 years, never lost a single parcel,,,no complaints whatsoever.

The only bad thing about it is you need to read what compensation covers , you will be surprised to find that probably 75% of the items that people send is not covered even if you pay extra.....
Myhermes is great, ok it takes longer than most other couriers (3 - 5 days instead of 1 - 2 days) but I find them reliable and the couriers friendly.

It is a bit luck of the draw if you get a good myhermes driver local to you (one person tends to get a 'patch' just they cover) so a lot of the good experiences I've had are down to the great people I've had where I've been living.

use them all the time never had a problem

​same never had a problem

never lost my parcels

I love MyHermes
I hate parcel2go
Myhermes site is really nice if you sell a fair bit with importing your ebay stuff and it just feels nice, the fact your covered for £50 is brilliant and well worth the base payment without being fleeced for disproportionate extra cash just to get any real cover - like with parcel2go.
Unfortunately, the £50 cover reduces to £25 from 22nd July.
Just an update on this comment, MyHermes recently cut their free compensation from £50 to £25. I recently went to parcel2go and their price to send with Yodel was more expensive than the Yodel site. There no compensation included on Parcel2Go but sending from the Yodel site the price included £25 compensation. Don't get caught out, It pays to shop around.
I've been a regular myHermes user for a couple of years - over 500 parcels sent, 2 lost but full eBay price compensation issued quickly without jumping through the hoops that Royal Mail provide - even on Signed For services they won't refund unless the intended recipient confirms non-delivery. Not much good if the eBay seller has already refunded after threat of negative feedback. My biggest gripe with myHermes has been the practice of leaving parcels in supposedly secure locations which turn out to be unlocked porches, dustbins, etc. I'd imagine that couriers are only paid for delivery so it's not in their financial interest to try repeated delivery attempts, especially for unsigned parcels. So safety of delivery depends on the conscience of the individual courier.
Anyway, myHermes have now put up prices substantially at the cheaper end - I've found (rather surprisingly) that Royal Mail 2nd signed for is now much cheaper for parcels up to 2kg and £50 - but for how long?
Oh, and I avoid parcel broker companies like Parcel2go - use them as a reference for price then go direct to the carrier. The latter are generally cheaper and don't tend to charge a premium for paying with Paypal.
I've used MyHermes for a few months now, no issues with any of my parcels so far. But yes, Royal Mail can be cheaper (especially for signed-for and 1-2kg).

Pity that Parcel2Go are now not as cheap as before for MyHermes parcels. Definitely go direct like this post says.

I wonder how Yodle and Doddle and Collect+ compete? Their prices are all substantially higher than MyHermes.
Be careful about weight on myhermes - I just got a bill for a parcel I sent as 0-1kg which they weighed as 1.2kg (just 200g over!)
they are asking for an extra £4 (difference plus a penalty)
They have also reduced their standard compensation to £25
Royal mail small parcel is £2.80 up to 2kg which includes £20 compensation (though it's a PITA to claim and then only for cost)
Victoria: Hello, you're through to Victoria. How can I help you today?
hang: sent a parcel,booked delivery online put weight as 1kg as it was from my scale,n paid £2.60 then dropped off,everything fine, next day received an email saying delivery being held coz of overweight,p2g says actual weight is 1.1kg.. coz of the 0.1kg i have been ask to pay an extra of £4.27, WTF! if i had put 1.1kg or up to 3kg,it would've only cost me £3.70 ish.. now i end up paying £2.60+£4.27=almost £7. p2g says the underpayment includes handling fees of £2.50. makes no bloody sense! rip off. congrats P2G,you've lost another customer!
Victoria: I am very sorry to hear this.
hang: coz p2g is cheap and easy so i use it. if there was another company that is similar i'd be gone straight away without no hesitation
hang: i understand if its overweight but your charge is ridiculous on that!
Victoria: I understand
hang: 0.1kg overweight costs £4.27 are you serious? is this how you do business? is this how you rip ur customers off?
hang: to send a parcel that weighs twice as much only costs £3.70 ish... and 0,1kg overweight costs £4.27
Victoria: I can only advise that you email as that is the underpayment department
hang: you're sure going to lose more customers
I seriously don't have any good feedback regarding Parcel2Go. I used them for about 18 parcel deliveries, and I had 2 breakages, one parcel was 'overweight' (£4.65 extra charge), and a parcel that was supposed to be delivered to Glasgow that was sat in a Glasgow warehouse for a week, before being sent to Milton Keynes, where they then told me it would be destroyed in 48 hours if I didn't get it collected from there! On their tracking system, it stated that the parcel had been 'delivered' on 3 separate occasions! I had numerous conversations with them regarding these discrepancies, but, their customer service skills leave a lot to be desired! Will not be using them again!
As a new business, I can not afford service like this.
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