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Hermes have dropped their 2-10kg price - £5.99
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Posted 16th Jul 2019Posted 16th Jul 2019
Hermes have dropped their 2-10kg price - £5.99
They don't seem to have announced this yet but Hermes seem to have reduced their 2-10kg parcel rate for all customers to £5.99 . I send about 100 parcels a week with them and so… Read more
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Gone back up now.


These scumbags stole my 450 parcel!


I used to do that until I got fined for 2 overweight parcels in the same week. Never had one lost though and I've sent hundreds.


looks like price is back up at £6.49


Warning. Using Hermes cost me £450. My phone was stolen by one of their staff.

My Hermes new prices and sizes postable packets up to 3cm deep from £2.26
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Posted 9th Apr 2019Posted 9th Apr 2019
My Hermes have launched a new postable size up to 3cm deep, seems a great price for those awkward double cds or paperback book or items that are slightly too wide for Royal Mail la… Read more
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I've had no big issues with Hermes. Also Royal Mail have lost around 6 of my parcels/large letters, however have always refunded me the price of my item (£20 or under) and postage cost... I make a claim online and have a cheque a week or two later.


Hermes on the news last night - biggest carrier in europe so naturally will have more problems but very cynical upping the prices when they are already making a fortune - (they will probably just make the usual Brexit excuse as well) just pure greed especially the way they treat their delivery people who have to use their own vehicles which is a helluva cost to start with but then we all want cheap postage and once they corner the market business practice is such that the prices go up to screw the wee man! ;(


...EE...but thank you.


Thing is, certain hubs of certain couriers are diligent, if they know you (for instance) & if a parcel happens to pass through their hub, the Hermes local to me sucks @ss & due to my (justified) complaints rather than "bend over & take it " expectations they now go all out to cause MORE problems. At least when it happens the seller gets to see the dark side of this shi-ite show of a courier & its 95% "DNGAF" employees. Hope you got onto better things Darkwaxer.


I have to agree but its the same with almost every company in the UK now. As Dilbert says "Management = Natures way of removing morons from the productive cycle" (shock)

Hermes postage with 20% off via Unidays  from £2.79
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Posted 29th Jan 2019Posted 29th Jan 2019
Not really a deal but just a reminder for people. Hermes offers parcel posting from £2.79. Sending a parcel under 1KG with 20% student discount, collection from home and cover up t… Read more
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"Out of codes We've temporarily run out of codes for Hermes. We've raised this issue with them and will be receiving more codes soon. Please check back shortly." I wonder if this will be fixed soon....


Any unidays code that someone can send me?


Can someone message me a unidays code if ok. Thanks Ross


Hermes are the worst. Countless deliveries that never arrive and the tracking just goes cold. Customer service are robots reading from script. Not worth the hassle! It still amazes me how many companies to choose to use them for deliveries, as it reflects bad on them imo.


If you pack well shouldn't have a problem. Use in store print label.

My Hermes courier 20% student discount
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Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
My Hermes courier 20% student discount
I’ve just noticed myhermes offer 20% discount to student At this time of the year EVERY PENNY COUNTS All you need to do is verify your UNiDAYS ID

OP, u saved me a little over £4 today posting 6 parcels all insured to full value. Will start using it as cheaper than royal mail for any package fully insured to value.


Yodel at least deliver and don’t make me ring all and sundry to get them to authorise delivery ... I wouldn’t mind but with Hermes it’s the same woman she knows who I am so why every time I get a delivery does she put it on hold for a security check to confirm authorisation to deliver to my home... it’s frustrating to say the least.


Keyword alert? Huha? Not so deals, you might need to sort your search out. I never signed up for this crap


Just to add a positive spin on myhermes, I've sent over 350 parcels with them, and not had a single one go missing or arrive damaged. Their prices are just about the cheapest around and their website is very user friendly too in my opinion.


I think Yodel is worst then this but saying that both should be out of the buisness !!!

Hermes parcel drop off 5kg and up to 1.2m includes printing! - £2.95 Now with more postage options!
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Refreshed 18th Sep 2018Refreshed 18th Sep 2018LocalLocal
Hermes parcel drop off 5kg and up to 1.2m includes printing! - £2.95 Now with more postage options!
Have used this offer twice over the past two days and saw it was expired on HUKD - now back available. So for £2.95 you get any weight package up to 5kg and any length up to 1.2m … Read more

Great help, was looking for this! Thanks!


It isn’t even as cheap as Royal Mail second class signed for up to 2kg which is £4 - such a shame...


Gutted lol, I've used it heaps, especially over Christmas. Oh well - good while it lasted (:I


Not a great deal anymore :(


Can confirm prices have increased again. Last week I paid £2.95 for a 5kg parcel, yesterday (05/04) I paid £4.05, today I paid £6.49! I took a pic of the print instore prices if it helps anyone

My hermes up to 5kg self service pay instore £2.95
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Posted 12th Jun 2018Posted 12th Jun 2018
My hermes up to 5kg self service pay instore £2.95
Hi My hermes now doing self service up to 5kg in store for £2.95 up to 120cm long on the hermes home page to do this service at home is approx £6.49 up to 5 kg still takes 2-4 days… Read more

It's not just the drivers, it's the company at its heart - see above. STAY AWAY from Hermes and myHermes too. Vile company.


Insuring your parcel doesn't count for sh*t. I've got a claim with them open for returning £84 worth of trainers they lost. They're a nightmare. They lost the parcel but of course never told me. They then ignored my making a claim. I finally was able to submit one and they lied several times. Then they stopped contacting at all. Three chat agents in and they've all lied to me about getting back to me. They now won't pay the full amount despite me fully proving what the returns are worth. Don't go near them with a bargepole. I've specifically posted on an old HUKD just to let fellow members know they are SCUMBAGS of a company. Stay away!


I think its the delivery drivers, not the company itself. I had ordered thornton chocolates last christmas and out of 4 boxes, it was just 3 in the packaging, the packing was torn and retaped, complained to thorntons and they found the driver to be mischief.


It is at mine i have saved over £100 so far


Is this offer still active?

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myHermes Pay and print in store now £2.95 for up to 5kg down from £4.00!
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Posted 30th Apr 2018Posted 30th Apr 2018LocalLocal
myHermes Pay and print in store now £2.95 for up to 5kg down from £4.00!
From their website; Our new service allows you to pay for and print parcel labels in selected ParcelShops making sending parcels easier than ever before. The self-service device is… Read more

Worked for me. Thank you!


Can you get a signature included on delevery


It's to get people using this facility,but there's no option to pay for extra insurance you are only covered for 20.00


Hermes are starting to make you jump through hoops if something is say left outside a door which they deem in their own terms is NOT a safe place but because it's had a last delivery scan AND a picture outside the property I have been told that the recipient must fill in a denial of receipt form. I've had messages back & forth and getting nowhere because I said to them where does it say in your terms that when I pay extra for insurance and the recipient says they don't have the parcel that I can't get a refund unless they fill the form in. So why am I paying insurance if a pay out is reliant upon the buyer filling out said form :-(


That's odd as the information online saying which stores have it is correct where I live.

myHermes Pay and print in store now £2.79 for up to 5kg down from £4.00!
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Posted 6th Apr 2018Posted 6th Apr 2018LocalLocal
From their website; Our new service allows you to pay for and print parcel labels in selected ParcelShops making sending parcels easier than ever before. The self-service device is… Read more

Poor experience with myHermes. Used to send low value items in spare Dell branded boxes... quite a few were "lost". After wrapping the boxes up to hide the branding, zero parcels were "lost". Better and more reliable service with UPS and DPD.


great finds thanks :)


I was wondering the same. FOund a comment above that says currently you can't change to a higher amount when you Pay & Print Instore


With Pay&Print, does anyone know if the standard £20 cover can be increased to £50 ? Signature option available ?


Tried this way yesterday so heat from me had no idea this print service in shop even existed and the price is great tho as said im used to ebays shutl and using ups for over 5 kg items this is definately the cheapest way for 2-5 parcels ie royal mail are a joke at anything over 2kg jumps to about £12-13.

Pay and print in store for £4 up to 5kg @ Hermes(ParcelShops)
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Posted 16th Dec 2017Posted 16th Dec 2017
Pay and print in store for £4 up to 5kg @ Hermes(ParcelShops)
New service from Hermes, if you have a parcel weights over 2kg it is cheaper to prepare your label at ParcelShops by £4 (33% discount). :D What is pay and print in store? Our … Read more

so they create a cheaper alternative and you are not happy lol. As they said in Life of Brian "Jesus said you can't keep everybody happy" :D


This annoys me (mad) I use myhermes daily and pay and print my own labels. Now it’s cheaper to use their machines in store to print the labels? It makes no sense!


Same here. I've had a couple of problems with sending through Hermes - they can't seem to work out how to get into blocks of flats - but I've had far worse with the Royal Mail whose 'signed for' service is a joke. They either put it through the letter box anyway or it constantly says 'going through the system' when you try and track it but they don't bother to update it on the system. Collectplus didn't hand my parcel to the collecting courier for over a week and then it was rejected at the receiving end as 'no-one of that name works in this shop'. At least with Hermes you get a free tracking number so you are covered if anything does happen and all of the Hermes couriers in my area are lovely. They go out of their way to help me, one of them even gave me a lift home when I was struggling with my shopping :)


The machine in my local is turned off with an "Out Of Order" sign on it.


Just a warning: my nearest shop is marked on the website and has this machine, but I just walked 20 minutes with a parcel to find "Hermes never plugged it in" and my parcel couldn't be sent.

FREE Lucozade Pink Lemonade with your Hermes Parcel Drop
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Posted 14th Aug 2017Posted 14th Aug 2017
FREE Lucozade Pink Lemonade with your Hermes Parcel Drop
Hi, I dont know how long this promotion stands for, but im guessing its nationwide. I went to drop a parcel at a hermes drop shop this morning and got a free promotional can of… Read more

It might have ended now. I dropped something off this morning and got nothing.


I feel cheated! I dropped parcels off at the parcel shop since this post and I got nothing. Taking 4 more tomorrow so maybe I'll get something then. Had a Tesco delivery in that time too. Tesco groceries coming tomorrow again. Surely I must get something from one or the other? ;( Good find though, thanks for sharing OP


I thought that was YODEL, have yer seen the videos on YouTube ? , just input "Yodel delivery", then (popcorn)


Nothing extra from my Hermes delivery from Asda today.



Myhermes summer sale upto 40% off
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Posted 11th Aug 2017Posted 11th Aug 2017
Myhermes summer sale upto 40% off
just noticed they are doing a sale. Great for those who do a lot of selling on ebay or just want to post something cheap.
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Myhermes stole my money! Paid £25:11 for an order which failed to generate the labels! They have admitted their fault & offered £2.79 its week 3 now & still no resolution !


Bees knees (excited)


As a seller I find that Hermes are the bees knees - as is their claims department. I know some folk simply won't buy something if it ships via Hermes but since a lot of my stuff goes internationally to the GSP Shipping Centre it isn't really a concern and I save approx 65p per item as opposed to royal mail. Plus I have the added bonus that the courier picks up the items from my premises 3 times a week. Getting compensation from Royal Mail is pretty much impossible as you need the original receipt and they will only refund what you paid for the item and not what it sold for ... their "insurance" is one of the biggest cons going.


They're only doing this because Royal Mail now have delivery tracking on all standard parcels. I use Hermes when I have to but they've lost quite a few of mine over the years, interestingly never the cheap tat I sell on eBay but the £20+ stuff


I used them quite a bit last year, however, parcels started to go missing and the lost claims process was tedious. Went back to RM.

Free Parcel Delivery @ Hermes Leeds / working nationally
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Posted 24th Apr 2017Posted 24th Apr 2017
Free Parcel Delivery @ Hermes Leeds / working nationally
So Hermes is doing free deliver on parcels and even offering free packaging. They're in the train station giving out free postage With code - LEEDSHERMES… Read more
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Not working


Sorry Promotion code is either invalid or expire expire!


not working?


Cheers OP, just printed out a label for a totally free parcel :)


dunno whats going on with this site, but when searching for "hermes" i could not find this deal, only way i could get back to this page was searching op's username.. luckily i had it open on my phone. HEAT!

My Hermes upto 10% off parcel when you spend £20 couriers until 23rd October
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Posted 12th Oct 2016Posted 12th Oct 2016
My Hermes upto 10% off parcel when you spend £20 couriers until 23rd October
My Hermes offering 5% off upto £10 spend or 10% when spend £20. With £25 insurance. Not everyone's favourite courier... Granted but unbeatable price with insurance

Is this still working ?


Code works, don't know why its being downvoted. I have used them for nearly 10years and only had one problem which they paid out ok.


Yodel look wonderful compared to this outfit. Awful service.


Indeed,but the couriers are self employed and a law unto themselves unfortunately,courier collection is quite unreliable so I choose not to use that service but the Parcelshops are brilliant so at the moment I have no need to look elsewhere. Each to their own and all that. :D


I choose to have parcels collected as it suits my working week. It is factored into my costs. ​If a company offers a particular service and you purchase that service, then it should be provided. No ifs, no buts.

MyHermes 0-2kg Small New Pricing Now Cheaper!
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Posted 15th Aug 2016Posted 15th Aug 2016
MyHermes 0-2kg Small New Pricing Now Cheaper!
Not sure if use to many but definitely for me as a eBay seller as it saves money on the smaller parcel but saving money if it weighs more :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At myHermes, we’re … Read more

A small price increase from March 12th and basic parcel cover reduced: Parcel cover The basic level of parcel cover you receive for free will decrease from £25.00 to £20.00 from 00.00am Sunday 12th March 2017.


I did read that but I thought they meant the large letter size in general,not that they were saying it had been reduced further :)


I FOUND IT DEB8Z! - Comment #40 (Phew, started to think I was losing it, lol)


Didn't they say though that they only take triangular tubes? That definitely used to be in their wording. Still is - Use triangular tubes, not round tube-type cylinders, to pack rolled plans, maps and blueprints. As for the importing argument, my original email said that for importing I would have to use a manual parcel request instead (or words to that effect) bit annoying if they are now saying that I could import for the same price but I don't suppose it will stay that way for long though. Like their 'classic' site which would be open indefinitely...until it wasn't.


Thanks :o) Always reassuring to know

My Hermes - £2.70 for drop off upto 1KG - 10p increase, still cheapest
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Posted 1st Feb 2016Posted 1st Feb 2016
My Hermes - £2.70 for drop off upto 1KG - 10p increase, still cheapest
myHermes has increased its price for parcel drop-off upto 1kg by 10p Still fully tracked and cheaper than Royal Mail. £2.25 excluding VAT, for VAT registered business. insured up… Read more

They have introduced small & medium parcel now :| At least now you can send up to 2kg for 2.75 via a Parcelshop. This means that if you are sending a parcel that weighs 2kg or under: If the size does not exceed 45cm (L) x 35cm (H)x 16cm (W) you will be able to take advantage of our small parcel category. If the size exceeds the small parcel, you can opt for the medium parcel category, with maximum dimensions of 61cm (L) x 46cm (H) x 46cm (H).


not had a problem yet - unlike Royal Mail


Yesterday I was accused of being an Alcoholic when buying wine on a Tesco glitch,today I've been accused of working for Hermes because I speak as I find and said I hadn't had many problems with them until this week. It's only Tuesday,I wonder what tomorrow will bring X)


Happy to be of service, please feel free to message in event of any query. Good Luck with selling, Regards Z


Thank you for a great explanation and for sharing your experiences!!

My Hermes have dropped price to £2.60 for drop off upto 1KG
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Posted 5th Oct 2015Posted 5th Oct 2015
My Hermes have dropped price to £2.60 for drop off upto 1KG
My Hermes have dropped price to £2.60 for drop off upto 1KG. Simply drop of at one of there there locations for a fully tracked service. It says from £2.78 on main page but it just… Read more
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If Herpes were free they would still be too expensive.


New Royal Fail prices from 29th March.


NOW £2.70


It's annoying they send you an email and the price has already increased,no advance warning!


now £2.70

myHermes Parcelshop - £50 compensation for 3p per parcel over the Parcel2Go price
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Posted 15th Jul 2015Posted 15th Jul 2015
myHermes Parcelshop - £50 compensation for 3p per parcel over the Parcel2Go price
Just a quick tip for anyone who hadn't spotted it. Parcel2Go have upped their price for the basic myHermes Parcelshop service from ~£2.35 for a 1KG parcel, up to £2.75. However, t… Read more
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I seriously don't have any good feedback regarding Parcel2Go. I used them for about 18 parcel deliveries, and I had 2 breakages, one parcel was 'overweight' (£4.65 extra charge), and a parcel that was supposed to be delivered to Glasgow that was sat in a Glasgow warehouse for a week, before being sent to Milton Keynes, where they then told me it would be destroyed in 48 hours if I didn't get it collected from there! On their tracking system, it stated that the parcel had been 'delivered' on 3 separate occasions! I had numerous conversations with them regarding these discrepancies, but, their customer service skills leave a lot to be desired! Will not be using them again! As a new business, I can not afford service like this.


Victoria: Hello, you're through to Victoria. How can I help you today? hang: sent a parcel,booked delivery online put weight as 1kg as it was from my scale,n paid £2.60 then dropped off,everything fine, next day received an email saying delivery being held coz of overweight,p2g says actual weight is 1.1kg.. coz of the 0.1kg i have been ask to pay an extra of £4.27, WTF! if i had put 1.1kg or up to 3kg,it would've only cost me £3.70 ish.. now i end up paying £2.60+£4.27=almost £7. p2g says the underpayment includes handling fees of £2.50. makes no bloody sense! rip off. congrats P2G,you've lost another customer! Victoria: I am very sorry to hear this. hang: coz p2g is cheap and easy so i use it. if there was another company that is similar i'd be gone straight away without no hesitation hang: i understand if its overweight but your charge is ridiculous on that! Victoria: I understand hang: 0.1kg overweight costs £4.27 are you serious? is this how you do business? is this how you rip ur customers off? hang: to send a parcel that weighs twice as much only costs £3.70 ish... and 0,1kg overweight costs £4.27 Victoria: I can only advise that you email as that is the underpayment department hang: you're sure going to lose more customers


Be careful about weight on myhermes - I just got a bill for a parcel I sent as 0-1kg which they weighed as 1.2kg (just 200g over!) they are asking for an extra £4 (difference plus a penalty) They have also reduced their standard compensation to £25 Royal mail small parcel is £2.80 up to 2kg which includes £20 compensation (though it's a PITA to claim and then only for cost)


I've used MyHermes for a few months now, no issues with any of my parcels so far. But yes, Royal Mail can be cheaper (especially for signed-for and 1-2kg). Pity that Parcel2Go are now not as cheap as before for MyHermes parcels. Definitely go direct like this post says. I wonder how Yodle and Doddle and Collect+ compete? Their prices are all substantially higher than MyHermes.


I've been a regular myHermes user for a couple of years - over 500 parcels sent, 2 lost but full eBay price compensation issued quickly without jumping through the hoops that Royal Mail provide - even on Signed For services they won't refund unless the intended recipient confirms non-delivery. Not much good if the eBay seller has already refunded after threat of negative feedback. My biggest gripe with myHermes has been the practice of leaving parcels in supposedly secure locations which turn out to be unlocked porches, dustbins, etc. I'd imagine that couriers are only paid for delivery so it's not in their financial interest to try repeated delivery attempts, especially for unsigned parcels. So safety of delivery depends on the conscience of the individual courier. Anyway, myHermes have now put up prices substantially at the cheaper end - I've found (rather surprisingly) that Royal Mail 2nd signed for is now much cheaper for parcels up to 2kg and £50 - but for how long? Oh, and I avoid parcel broker companies like Parcel2go - use them as a reference for price then go direct to the carrier. The latter are generally cheaper and don't tend to charge a premium for paying with Paypal.

Deliveries from £2.78 this weekend  @ My Hermes
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Posted 16th Apr 2014Posted 16th Apr 2014
Deliveries from £2.78 this weekend @ My Hermes
Deliveries from £2.78 this weekend with deliveries and collections on Good Friday! Great for Ebay etc!
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go direct - I use them all the time, theyre really good


just used hermes via parcel2go - forced to as I have loads of credit to use up well total runnish - 2-5 day delivery took 9 days it only went from reading to hemel Hempstead - 33 miles - 9 days what a joke! for near £15 I expect better


Avoid Hermes like the plagued! Terrible courier, totally unreliable and useless for support


thing is if you want a signed for delivery it costs £3.78 so they are charging a £1 for a signature which with the horror stories ive heard is the only way to go with this company.

Send an upto 1KG parcel for £2.78 or 2KG for £3.78 @ MyHermes
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Posted 25th Mar 2014Posted 25th Mar 2014
Send an upto 1KG parcel for £2.78 or 2KG for £3.78 @ MyHermes
I know these guys have a really bad reputation but I've sent 75 parcels and only 1's went missing. Better bands of pricing, slightly more for courier collection. STARTS 26/04/2014… Read more
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I have used myhermes over 270 times in the past 12 months. Nothing has been smashed, nothing has gone missing. You print off the label, affix and drop off at a local shop....or pay an extra 20p and they pick up. Once you get to know your local courier you can organise specific pickup details with them.....very convenient. As long as you pack securely you wont have any breakage issue, common sense really. Cheaper than the post office, sometimes by LOTS!!


No problems here, dozen parcels sent - no issues, love the ebay integration.


Cheap yes. Good no. Everyone has different experience, but the main feeling is that this is a very poor service, hence the cold votes. Personally I'd rather pay a little more for piece of mind.


Yes, it was. The sender did an excellent job, but it's only what you'd expect when shipping glass.


Sad that the cheapest courier service in the Uk by miles is -70!

Myhermes 1kg service back on the 26th March  £2.78 inc VAT (up to 1kg)
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Posted 20th Mar 2014Posted 20th Mar 2014
Myhermes 1kg service back on the 26th March £2.78 inc VAT (up to 1kg)
Just had an email from hermes to say the 1kg parcel service is BACK on the 26th March. Used to be £3.30 now £2.78 I know many will scoff, but this will definitely help me! *Home … Read more
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Had an issue with redelivery and found out just how rubbish myHermes is. Wouldn't ever use this service again because i wouldn't want customers to have so much trouble...



They put their prices up on 2-5 kg! not happy :(


depends on how far it has to travel, are you dropping it off at a shop or having it collected. As if the courier collects from your house, especially if they have a home drop and dont return to their depots at the end of the day, your parcel will sit in their house/garage until the following day. If u drop off at a shop it might go to the depot that day. ...but either way I think you are pushing it.


If i post my parcel on 26th do u think MyHermes would get it there on time for mothers day?

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