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MyMemory Prime 1TB USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Silver - £39.98 @ MyMemory

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Posted 24th Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seems a decent price for the size, but expect it to be slow.

Our 1TB USB flash drive is a lot of storage for a lot of value. Its sleek and compact form factor makes it the ideal memory device on the go.Huge storage capacity
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Practical capless design
  • 1 year warranty

Added by @AJ10

Large Capacity

Packing a whopping 1TB of storage, this USB flash drive has plenty of space for your photos, music, videos, and files, making it the perfect way to backup all your precious data and memories.

Secure and Reliable

Safeguard your personal files and data, and effectively prevent the data loss. Using high-quality hardware and built-in technology, you can count on this USB flash drive as your daily data driver and backup solution.

Perfect On The Go

This USB flash drive has a pocket friendly design that is at home pretty much wherever you need it. Its compact and lightweight size means it can fit into bags, purses, and pockets with ease. It also has a keyring loop and its metal finish means it sits nicely with your keys or on a lanyard.

Classic Design

Already a classic in the USB market, the smooth metal finish, logo detail, capless design, lightweight casing, and keyring loop, is the perfect form factor. Both durable and elegant, it does not compromise on quality.

Simple Plug and Play

Start transferring data and files as soon as you plug the USB flash drive into your device. No drivers required, and this memory solution is compatible with all platforms and OS.

Product Features

  • 1TB storage capacity
  • USB-A connectivity
  • USB 2.0 speeds
  • Metal capless design
  • Keyring loop
  • No drivers required
  • Carry case included
  • 1 year warranty

N.B. You may be asked to format the USB on first inserting the flash drive, which is normal on initial use.

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    47731603-T1woN.jpgI'm beginning to think this might be a fake but their support staff assured me that it was genuine and they had a reputable supplier. (edited)

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    I copied over loads of films about 850gb and many will not play back not happy
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    Honestly probably looking at a 50MB read and a 30MB. Imagine it will be slow as anything.
    Worth remembering 3.0 is 10 times faster than 2.0, so I doubt you will be able to run things off this on the fly.
    Would imagine a 5MB to 12MB write speed, anything over 10 would be "good" I would get this for my router as that only writes at 5MB anyway whatever drive is in there. (edited)
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    For extra 2-5 £ you can get 2 Tb 2.5 portable hdd. For me not make sense to get this pendrive
    Smaller, no moving parts, less power required, but yeah more storage and would be a lot faster.
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    hurm, 1TB unbranded flash storage at usb2.0. NOT if I can trust it.
    It is branded. It literally says "MyMemory" on the stick.
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    Brought 2 256gb red own brand mymemory usb3 sticks they were supposed to be over 100mb speeds they were utter crap the speeds were anything from 0 hanging for 30 secs to 40 mb would never touch their own brand stuffagain truly bad
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    No problem with the speed as this will be filled up with media to entertain the kids on long journeys.

    However I do want to check that the capacity is genuine and I underestimated the time it would take to check forgetting to account for the verifying stage too.

    Surely there's a quicker way to check the authenticity of the device. Anyone?
    unfortunalty you will need to fill the drive and read it again to verify the contents. The "toc" of the drive maybe faked to make it look like 1TB
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    Notice that it's now selling at £29.98 if anything wants to take the risk. Would have been perfectly happy with mine if only it didn't turn out to be a dud. (edited)

    Replying to

    Look up my H2Testw results several post ago.
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    please can all customers on this site NOT purchase this card as it is fake only 100gb instead of 1Tb thank you
    I expired the deal once people started getting problems with it, even though it was still in stock
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    Just delivered and running H2Testw to check the capacity.

    Looks like it's gonna take the entire week just to fully test.

    47702632-PcnoU.jpg (edited)
    Hi wireless thanks for conducting the test please inform my memory of the 97gb test result in an email with test results and ask them for a refund
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    4.49MB per second!!!
  11. Avatar
    With regret it falls on me to announce the formally reliable Mymemory.co.uk sellers are.engaged in sale and distribution of counterfeit goods namely the 1Tbyte Prime MyMemory USB stick
  12. Avatar
    Wait.....they still make usb2?
  13. Avatar
    USB 3.0 was released over ten years ago in 2008, doesn't matter what the capacity is , this is an abomination in a USB disguise
  14. Avatar
    1tb usb 2.0. surely this isnt real and its some kind of joke product?
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  16. Avatar
    wow great price
  17. Avatar
    I'll offer them a fiver for it.
    7 more and you'll get it. Plus, you'll get 2 pennies back! Bargain!
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    price seems a bit difficult to believe but I keep going back to the page to check and reread.
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    You can get a £2 discount for first time order. Clear cookies, go to homepage and sign up with new email. Wait a few minutes for discount code.
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    Useful for sticking a load of movies on and plugging it in your TV, but can't see much other use for something like this.
    I have a 128gb usb 2 for a Wii, and that took about 5 hours to fill, so this will likely take over a day!
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    The 1 TB memory stick has only 97.3GB less than a tenth of that advertised when tested on pc with h2testw software that indicates actual capacity therefore the item is counterfeit.Have requested that the item be removed from the listing on their website or relisted with actual capacity and advised them to contact their supplier so far have been ignored through automated emails.