mymoviestream 2 week free trial + Free DVD (the sun offer)

mymoviestream 2 week free trial + Free DVD (the sun offer)

Found 2nd Aug 2007
MyMovieStream - The Home Delivery DVD Rental Company

Promotional Code: SUNDVD8

This Exclusive offer in association with The Sun is available on a strictly one per household basis. Your Free DVD-to-keep will be sent as a thank you for trying MyMovieStream, once you have set up your initial List of at least 15 titles and received & returned your first rental DVDs. Offer ends 31st August 2007. Terms & Conditions apply.

MyMovieStream Terms and Conditions

This great DVD offer is brought to you exclusively by The Sun and MyMovieStream officially the UKs top-rated DVD rental service (see Which? Report here).

Please print this page for your records if you wish.

Offer Terms & Conditions:

1. This offer is exclusively promoted by MyMoviestream in association with The Sun Newspaper and
2. Offer open to UK residents aged 18 or over.
3. Only one MyMovieStream Free Trial/Introductory offer per household.
4. Your 2 week Free Trial with MyMovieStream begins immediately on completion of your Registration.
5. This 2 week Free Trial is based on MyMovieStreams 2-disc unlimited rental package, allowing up to 2 rental discs out at any time, with no limit on the number of rentals.
6. Your chosen Free DVD-to-keep will be a brand new, boxed retail version and will be delivered separately within 28 days of qualification, irrespective of whether you choose to continue as a paying Member or whether you cancel before the end of your Free Trial.
7. To qualify for your chosen Free DVD-to-keep, you must complete the registration process for the Free Trial (including valid payment information, for security and validation purposes), add a minimum of 15 rental titles to your List and receive and return your first rental disc(s).
8. You may cancel, upgrade or downgrade your account at any time by logging in to with your user name and password and choosing from the options in the MyAccount panel of the MyMovieStream website.
9. For security reasons, major account amendments such as cancellation requests, upgrade, downgrade or changes to payment information must be made via the MyAccount panel when logged in to your account with your user name and password and cannot be accepted by email, post or telephone.
10. In the event that you decide to upgrade or downgrade your rental package during your Free Trial, the package change will come into effect on collection of the next months rental payment, the day after the end of the Free Trial.
11. In the event that you make an Account Cancellation request, no further rental DVDs will be dispatched and you will be required to return any outstanding rental disc(s) within 7 days of the Account Cancellation request to complete the account closure. In the event that you do not return the disc(s) within this 7 day grace period, your Account Cancellation request will lapse and your rental account will remain active.
12. If you choose to carry on renting beyond your 2 week Free Trial, you will be billed one months subscription on your prevailing rental package the day after the end of your Free Trial, to cover the next months rental charges. This will default to the 2-disc unlimited rental package, at £12.99 per month, unless you have cancelled, upgraded or downgraded your Account prior to this date. MyMovieStream operates on the basis of automatic monthly subscription renewal and your account will remain active with monthly billing of the same amount on the same day each month until you cancel, upgrade or downgrade your Account.
13. As a paying Member, you will also have the option to Pause your account for 1-3 weeks or to Freeze your account for 22-60 days should you wish, e.g. for a holiday.
14. Rental DVDs remain the property of MyMovieStream Ltd at all times.
15. Closing Date: 31st August 2007.

For Full MyMovieStream Terms & Conditions, click here.


Added the promotional code for this and the choice of free DVD including:

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Thanks for the pointer

They have had a few offers seen on here, each time every single person has said they never recieved a free DVD.

Good service though, VERY fast delivery and I get 3 at a time etc

£5 cashback also if you go via quidco:

I signed up to this several months ago and they don't send you the free DVD to keep despite contacting them several times they just fob you off.

Well I posted about my experiences in a separate thread but here it is again...
I signed up about 3 months ago for a similar offer - 3 week trial, free dvd (after answering a short questionnaire iirc). Waited the whole 3 weeks and meeting their requirements, I'd forgotten about the DVD until i noticed i'd been charged for an additional month. This time I phoned them to enquired about the DVD, and was told that I should receive it in 2 weeks. Of course, 2 weeks came and went and I got charged for another month. Finally it came about 2 days ago.
Now I've gone to cancel my account and it's telling me that I need to return two titles I've not even had sent out... Methinks I'll need to call them again in the morning...
I hope others have had better luck than me, but this is one company I'll be avoiding in the future...

The offer with the sun is a good one, I was told I will get my free dvd within 28 days. But yea as the post above mentioned the service is very fast

I was told I will get my free dvd within 28 days

Don't hold your breath, I have been waiting since June for my free dvd.

I have today finally received the free DVD which was promised with this offer - hope everyone else gets theres
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