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Myprotein 5kg Impact Whey Isolate Delivered - £59.87 with code @ Myprotein - More in description

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Posted 21st Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Not so much as a deal but this is quite close to a return to prices available quite a while back.
Had to pay around this much for 2.5kg a month ago

Price available in all flavours

This has been sitting around £100 odd for the past few months.

Free Delivery on £45 spend

1kg Peanut butter - £2.68


Credit to @zep281 - Use code REVOLUT38

@CMoore23Total Protein Strawberry Cream 5kg - £37
Slow Release Casein 5kg - £30.72
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    Total protein 37 quid for 5kg, with revolut code

    Slow release casein 30.72 for 5kg as well

    Can you tell I'm WFH and a long call is on (edited)
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    Also try codes "best" and "Joe" to find the best discount
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    Summer fruits is a good price. £23.80 for 2.5kg

    Replying to

    That was normal. But considering I paid £45.30 a few months ago for 2.5kg it’s a good price
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    Just got mine this morning. Ill give them that they did honour the price.
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    Just had my confirmation email too

    Replying to

    Mines been dispatched, yay
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    OP chage the code too REVOLUT38 will bring it down to 57 quid
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    Good price for isolate
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    my protein is a rip off
    If you feel MP is a rip off, I wonder what you're buying for cheaper
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    I went for plant a tree delivery. Hope I've not shot myself in the foot.

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    From lots of people's experience they are very good at cancelling orders and don't care if they p**s off customers if they don't want to honour prices. Seen it sooo many times. They do sometimes surprise us though and honour things we don't think they will just to confuse us
    47666909_1.jpg (edited)
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    Ordered, a bit expensive still, but much better pricing than the last few months,
    I think the best prices on rare occasions for 5kg Isolate have been £40 but I last paid that before Covid. I can accept this price at the moment
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    Thanks op, ordered. Have used MP mint choc isolate for a few years now and really can’t beat it. Have tried a few over brands since COVID as not willing to pay the prices MP wanted but they haven’t got close to it for taste or ease of mixing. Still not as low as before but I think we just have to accept that.
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    Although expired, this was/is a cracking price for the times.
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    Ordered when live. Still awaiting confirmation email for my order. Showing on my MP account though.

    Still live. Just checked. (edited)
    5kg showing £96 with code
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    Ouch, how did I miss this it’s coming up at £141 now.

    I have to say I do partially agree with the comment above about MP being a rip off. I say this as both a THG (parent company) shareholder and a MP customer for 5+ years. MyProtein prices have rocketed to premium brand levels. I appreciate that inflation is a major factor, but struggling to understand how a 5kg bag of isolate now retails for almost £270 when it was £89 a year ago.

    Bull Powders has been my preferred option recently.
    I never base what MP charge based on their listed prices but the cost after discount. Yeah it's not good practice because there'll certain be some who will pay the extortionate amounts but still 5kg has recently been 90-100+ recently..

    Would have switched to Bulk myself but their prices looked the same so didn't bother
    I'm yet to find any 'Premium' brands that do isolate without any concentrate inside at a decent price (edited)
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    Will be interesting to see if MP fulfil these orders or not with REVOLUT38. It's out of line with their other discount codes like BEAST so don't celebrate too soon But you've gotta be in it to win it
    It's only a couple quid off the prices using "honeygold" and it's still pretty close to their usual prices so I think these will be fulfilled
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    Expired - Just fixed the pricing as I was ordering
    ah that's unfortunate
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    Shame they didn't have cookies and creme protein pancake mix in stock, seems a lot is outta stock at the moment too
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    Buggers, good on those who got it at this price
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    47658106-dXREx.jpgThanks, I must have just beat the clock! 💪
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    Just put an order in, whether its successful is another thing.
    Just got the delivery window (10-12 today)