Myprotein's Hurricane XS 20% extra free for 2 days only £30.49

Myprotein's Hurricane XS 20% extra free for 2 days only £30.49

Found 18th May 2011
With Hurricane® XS breaking all sales records and endless customer requests for a special offer on our cutting-edge All-in-One, we have put together an unbeatable deal for you. We have produced a fixed quantity of limited edition Hurricane® XS SUPERSIZE. The same premium ingredients and the same great price, but with 20% extra absolutely FREE!

Hurricane® XS has developed a reputation as simply a unique product for any athlete looking to build lean muscle and size. Hurricane® XS includes our ultra-fine Instant Oats to give a sustained release in energy and aid muscle building. The inclusion of HMB, glutamine and Creapure® creatine are designed to aid strength, increase lean muscle mass and prevent muscle breakdown when training hard.

Get 20% extra free today! Simply select 3000g on the product page.

£30.49 + P&P for unflavoured version - base price increases for flavours

Much better value than Maximuscle's Cyclone IMHO.

Available until 20/05 or until stocks exhausted


Irrespective of the reviews on the website, this is terrible tasting protein. The results are good but i have thrown away the las of it as i cant stand almost gagging each morning and after training.

Myprotein whey is great as well as the recovery, but the Hurricane is repulsive.

Good price if you can handle it though X)

Must admit I dont go to the gym as much nowadays but when I did I used this stuff as I was finding Maximuscles Cyclone just far to exspensive. This has the same stuff as Cyclone and IMO tasted and mixed better (used milk), have some heat.

best flavour apparantly is chocolate smooth

its the only one ive tried but with me not even liking any form of shakes i can stomach that one ok

I gave you some heat.
Reviews are good but people definitely have issues with the flavour, the general consensus seems to be that you have to drink it with milk. Other then that, it seems to be great value for 3kg's (especially since all manufacturers have just raised protein prices)


The Chocolate Smooth is fine with water. Tastes good in fact.

The Chocolate Mint flavour is weird. It tastes delicious in the Hurricane Evo but a bit chemically in this version.

Great value though and hot.

its protein not a bloody sunday roast,just neck it and put ur dummies back in!!

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Perhaps I'm a masochist but I quite like the tangy/metallic taste..even when mixed with water. Horses for courses I suppose.

cheers OP ... got it for £32.73 delivered ( chose the cheapest p&p option £2.49 ) and used code MP177 for a £1.57 discount . better than nout

Best tip is to mask the taste. I bought a Kenwood Smoothie 2go and put in some Sainsbury's £1 frozen Fruit, oats, skimmed milk and a muller drinking yogurt, dash of amino acid liquid with a scoop of protein and it tastes great. Have it every day for my breakfast. Never used this as discount supplements sell protein cheaper than this but I've heard good things about myprotein.

price in April was £28.99 (without 20%)
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price in April was £28.99 (without 20%)

The cost of whey is rising massively due to demand acoss the world for use as baby food. Prices are only going to up....

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Ordered yesterday and delivered today...even with the cheapest delivery option. Great service.


Ordered yesterday and delivered today...even with the cheapest delivery … Ordered yesterday and delivered today...even with the cheapest delivery option. Great service.


Order arrived the other day, they sent the 2.5kg instead of the 3kg. Now they are trying to fob me off. Has anybody else experienced this?
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