MySims (Nintendo DS) £9.96 @ Amazon  (11.95 incl. del or free del over £15)

MySims (Nintendo DS) £9.96 @ Amazon (11.95 incl. del or free del over £15)

Found 19th May 2008
Free delivery with orders over £15.

Manufacturer's Description

Transforming the traditional Sims gameplay for the Wii and Nintendo DS platforms, MySims moves the player to a delightful but disorganized town where - thanks to the easy and unique controls - they can re-shape everything and make it their own. The town is rundown, but the player can make it much more dynamic. Using a selection of building blocks, unique patterns and engaging creativity tools, players can design furniture and appliances, architect new homes and businesses, and re-define the entire MySims landscape.

As players explore and build up the town, they will get to know dedicated, long-time residents like the always-busy Mayor Rosalyn P. Marshall and Buddy - the mostly-lazy hotel Bellhop. Once things start to look up, they'll meet and choose from a variety of colorful, would-be residents. Will they build a restaurant for Gino Delicioso the Italian Chef, or will they help Ocean Breeze set up his Yoga studio instead?

Design is everyone's domain in MySims. From building a new Pizza Oven for Gino to putting the finishing touches on a new roof for Buddy's busy hotel, each completed task will help the town grow. As it expands to new areas, players will receive special building blocks, decorations and patterns which help customize their unique creations. From furniture and buildings to the town as a whole, every choice informs how residents and visitors feel and behave.


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Forgot to say, next best price I can find is £17.99 at and at HTH. :thumbsup:

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Amended original post as price has now dropped to only £9.96.
Great price for what seems to be a fairly popular game. :thumbsup:
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