Myst ( PSP ) - £9.99 delivered

Myst ( PSP ) - £9.99 delivered

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Found 30th Jan 2007
Myst for the PSP is just £9.99 delivered from Cheapest elsewhere is £16 from Amazon.

Details: Myst is an immersive experience that draws you in and won't let you go. You enter a unique setting, venturing alone to varied times and places, the worlds that compose Myst. There are no instructions, and you encounter no living beings but soon realize your actions may help individuals who are somehow trapped in a parallel dimension. The Myst adventure is like no other, tantalizing with its unique combination of lavish environments, puzzles, mazes, and a sizzling underlying drama which steadily unfolds to reward the player further still.


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[SIZE=1]Special Features[/SIZE]


[*]Combine keen observation and logic to unlock the secrets of Myst.
[*]A complete all New Age to explore and uncover mysteries on PSP
[*]Bonus features which include "The Making Of Myst Featurette" only on PSP
[*]Original soundtrack and sound effects that enhance the sense of realism
[*]Newly re-mastered video, audio and new music for the New Age
[*]Complete PSP device integration with UMD, Mpeg3, Mp3 and memory stick
[*]Single player experience - save multiple games for various players[/LIST]

20p quidco too

Nice find.

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Thanks sean

the true cost of this is lots more --- the game will get through more notebooks than your average student

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lol! Notebooks at the ready
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