Mythica: 1-5 (Box Set) [DVD] £6.30 using 10% discount code SIGNUP10 incl. Free Delivery @ Zoom

Mythica: 1-5 (Box Set) [DVD] £6.30 using 10% discount code SIGNUP10 incl. Free Delivery @ Zoom

Found 4th Jun
YES...! All five instalments of the epic fantasy series...none of which I have ever watched and have no intention of watching but my 15 daughter seems to have enjoyed, for what would seem a pretty good price at £6.30 (£7.00 less the 10% code SIGNUP10 discount for new customers signing up to their newsletter...which surely everyone know about?)

The Mythica series follows the adventures of Marek, a wizard born with the dark power of necromancy, as she learns to harness the magic that threatens to corrupt her. She recruits a team of adventurers to battle Szorlok, the legendary Necromancer, and thwart his goal of uniting the four shards of the Darkspore to unleash an undead plague on the land. (????)

Starring Melanie Stone, you know her, well known for films including 'Riot', 'The Killing Pact' and well...Ahem, Mythica!

Mythica is a sweeping adventure featuring monsters, magic, romance, betrayal and hard-hitting action. (Or so says the description).

Another purchase option to Zoom is via Sky Store you have the 5 movie DVD box set plus HD Digital version for £7.99

I wasn't going to post this but my daughter caught me browsing Sky Store, noticing that it was on offer I did my usual check to see if it was available cheaper elsewhere.

She persuaded me that it may be of interest to someone. If you are that someone...please give a + vote
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quote "no intention of watching but my 15 daughters seems to have enjoyed"

My, you've been busy
They call me 'Mr Super Seed' around these parts...£850 per month in child benefit alone, it almost keeps me in Stella

[for the avoidance of doubt...I am joking. I am still working on hitting double Dad figures!)
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