Mythos Greek lager Aldi Special £1.39 500ml

Mythos Greek lager Aldi Special £1.39 500ml

Found 16th Aug 2010
Aldi have very hard to find Greek Mythos lager on sale on Thursday for a superb price of £1.39 per 500ml bottle.

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ooohhh that'll take me back to pefkos lol
Kavos, oh how i wish i could forget Thee!!!!!!!!!
Reminds me od Stavros! :0)
Booya! As hot as a Faliraki girls chaffing sunburnt bum cheeks.
Nice one, i like this beer, last time i located it in Makro
I recall that this tasted absolutely amazing as I watched the sun lazily dip behind the Acropolis, highlighting the Aegean Sea one last time before departing over the horizon with a warm auburn glow, inviting the cicadas to begin their accompaniment to the evening.

It tastes like pi$$ now I'm back in Wigan and it's pouring down.....

lol @dilbert welcome the the UK, destroyer of dreams!!!

ooohhh that'll take me back to pefkos lol

Yes - reminds me of a looney Greek Barbara Windsor hotel owner
The fact that this will remind me of lads holidays to Greece 4 years in a that a good or a bad thing? haha
oh the memories
or the lack of them when you drink too much of it lol
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