MyTube was £0.79 now FREE for Windows 10 devices and Xbox @ Windows Store

MyTube was £0.79 now FREE for Windows 10 devices and Xbox @ Windows Store

Found 24th May 2017
Hands down the best YouTube app for Windows 10 devices and Xbox. Free until 26/5.

New in 3.0.2
- Rebuilt from the ground up to provide the best possible experience and performance on all devices
- New, more modern and simpler UI
- Launching on Xbox for the first time
- Switch to and from background audio with zero pause
- myTube to myTube casting: Cast from myTube on your phone to myTube on your PC or Xbox
- Videos watched in myTube will now appear in your YouTube history
- You can now select subtitle language
- Channel search integrated into channel page
- Option to use YouTube's official web player in order to support YouTubers financially
- Main tile will now show subscriptions
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sounds cool and saved me some dev time cheers op
Nice. It'll interesting to see how this compares to Metro Tube. Cheers.
Does it allow 4k youtube videos to play on Xbox one s, or does youtube now allow their own app to play 4k now? I know it wasn't the case summer 2016
Agreed. Have used this app for months. One of the only good things you can get on a Windows Phone these days
Is it available for background music?
disappointed. Only tiles, no list option. YouTube for Dummies. Heat for the deal though op.
60fps videos?

60fps videos?

Only free until midnight, so grab it while you can. Thanks OP
Cheers Op
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