N1 Vision ADSL Modem Router - £89.49 @ PCWorld (price-match)

N1 Vision ADSL Modem Router - £89.49 @ PCWorld (price-match)

Found 18th Sep 2008
With 10% Price Promise, you can get it slightly below £95...
But if you are lucky like me, the direct printout of Dabs price got the price down to £89.49 as the store assistant did not add delivery cost to it even though 5 PC world assistants had been involved in this transaction...


Bought one of these about two months ago using the Pcworld price promise thing, and i must say its the worst router i've ever used. It crashes all the time (internet connection goes), some times it doesn't even work at all. So i swapped it for a Belkin N1 Router. And its awesome.

keluar :- Pls try to include price & retailer's name in the title, thanks

Still not worth anything more than £40, it is a novelty item. I wanted one cos I like the look of it and the speedometer display even though my connection sucks and would show me up.

Still best price I have seen so far for it.

**** router
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