N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Xbox 360 £5.95 (with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Zavvi
N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Xbox 360 £5.95 (with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Xbox 360 £5.95 (with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

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A Sweeping Saga.
An Ancient Betrayal.
A Battle To End All Battles.

Immerse yourself in exhilarating action, large-scale battles, and stunning visuals as you choose sides in the ultimate struggle between light and darkness. Experience this epic campaign through the eyes of seven different characters as you fight for good or evil to obtain the powerful Stone of Union.

IMMERSIVE BATTLES: Destroy entire armies with speed and precision in large-scale battles involving hundreds of troops at once.

INTENSE ACTION: Weild tremendous power with more than 100 weapons and a vast array of magic skills at your command.

From famed producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi and director SangYoun Lee comes this absorbing saga of betrayal and revenge and the monumental clash between good and evil.

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Some choice quotes ("The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly") from the various reviewers summarised at ]MetaCritic.com:
What The Critics Said

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[91] Gaming Age

If this is a genre you like or have been tempted to try out, N3 is a fantastic addition.

[90] Play Magazine

If you've come for heavy tactics and deployment you will be disappointed. But if you come for epic battles, inspired visuals, soaring overtures, and gorgeous medieval design you will be overcome with joy. [Aug 2006, p.54]

[84] GamingExcellence

The graphics in-game and in cut scenes are dazzling with beauty. N3 is quick and easy to learn and is fairly easy to rack up the 1000 gamerscore if you are willing to try out and complete each characters short campaign.

[80] Xbox Evolved

At the end of the game, the final character that is unlocked, has a terrible power, and a strength that can only be matched by the last enemy, and that is why it is worth playing to the last minute.

[65] Deeko

It's even more infuriating that almost every major issue with the game could have been resolved with very little effort. Save points, more massive battles, less dull boss encounters... the list goes on and on.

[62] Game Chronicles

For fans of Dynasty Warriors, you’ll be in heaven, but if you are looking for tactics, strategy, story, or even a game that makes sense, you’ll probably want to look somewhere else.

[61] Gaming Nexus

While this game has some positive aspects (Movie Graphics, mindless killing, beautiful attack combos), the lack of a true identity and engaging plot make the effort hardly seem worth it.

[60] 360 Gamer Magazine UK

There are plenty of flaws in the gameplay, meaning the game doesn’t run as smoothly as we’d like, but there’s possibly enough for fans of this type of game keep them interested enough to battle it out right to the end.

[60] GameTrailers

It has almost as many flaws as there are nights in the title but if you love mindless button hammering gameplay and salivate over the onscreen enemy count then this might be a title that interests you.
[50] VideoGamer

A game crippled by its archaic save system. No matter how much fun the game is while you're battling hundreds of on-screen enemies, nothing can balance out the sheer frustration experienced when you die for the fifth time at the hands of the end of level boss.

[50] Electronic Gaming Monthly

Technological feats aside, N3 doesn't do much else....er, make that anything else that you haven't seen from this stuck-in-the-mud genre. [Sept. 2006, p.96]

[40] Computer Games Magazine

It's good for about twenty minutes before it becomes a dull grind and you realize you're basically playing a tech demo ffor a game yet to be created. [Oct. 2006, p.81]

[30] netjak

This was clearly rushed to market, and obviously not worth your time. The only question that remains is, "Would this actually have been any better if they did have more time?" My guess is that it probably wouldn't improve by much.

[25] Game Revolution

It is never made clear what the title “Ninety-Nine Nights” means. My guess is that it’s the suggested waiting period before purchasing this dangerous, infuriating, broken game.

It must have been well received by enough people though as the sequel is due in ]Japan by the end of the year (although there is not much of it left) & will be published by Konami this time around.



PS. Some game-play videos can be viewed at ]GameTrailers.com:

The game reminds me too much of the "Dynasty Warriors" series, or "Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War" (that I wasn't particularly keen on), so I'll be giving it a miss, but have some "heat" to the deal listing in any respect.



Downloaded the demo ages ago, thought it was quite a good game, just ordered well worth a few quid:thumbsup:


Downloaded the demo ages ago, thought it was quite a good game, just … Downloaded the demo ages ago, thought it was quite a good game, just ordered well worth a few quid:thumbsup:

This game is one of those marmite games. I personally love it BUT the saving system is rubbish! You spend 40 minutes doing a level only to die close to the end when a boss comes, once you die, you start from the beginning. Very frustrating!
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