N900 excellent hidden £20 deals at mobile phones direct - Nokia Retail shop

N900 excellent hidden £20 deals at mobile phones direct - Nokia Retail shop

Found 27th Feb 2010
Price: £20 (x24) + £82.99

A few days ago a got an excellent deal on a new Nokia N900 at the mobilephonesdirect.co.uk also known as the Nokia Retail shop (deal is ongoing and still available), while I have had the phone for about 1 week, only today got my T-Mobile paper work trough the post so I'm here posting details of the deal today.

The deal is not that obvious/visible at first, but let show you where it is and if you want the Nokia Retail shops(mobilephonesdirect) should be able to match the deal found on the web site (www.nokiaretail.co.uk), that is the deal they were able to offer me.

I got mine from the Nokia Reading shop where they had some in stock.
note: I used the pac code to keep my existent telephone number.

Start by opening the nokia retail site: nokiaretail.co.uk/Bra…htm
then click the link called "more great deals - view tariffs"
this will open up a popup window displaying the "top 10 offers",
to view the good hidden deals from the drop down box (combo box), change from "view top 10 plans" to "view all plans".
keep filter on Pay Monthly and contract period All.

The deal I got is with T-Mobile for £20 per month (£17.02+vat) (same as I was paying with Vodafone (out of contract) but instead of 75 minutes I now got 300 minutes), that includes 300 minutes and 300 text on a 24 month plan, plus free internet booster (unlimited internet).
The phone itself I paid £82.99.

(There is also another good deal available, where you pay £28.99 for the phone but the tariff will be £25 per month (x24 month), that deal offer 600 minutes/500 text + unlimmited internet)

For my deal:
Minutes and text are from UK to UK mobile networks and numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03 (excluding jersey, guerney and the isle of man)
plus free internet booster (internet booster gives you unlimited internet on your phone in the UK)

Don't forget to ask for the Free leather case which they offering via the web site.

Unlimited on T-Mobile means you don't get stung with hidden bills.
On the mobile the connection appear as web'n'talk, like the name of the service provided with mobile dongles.

I have used a T-Mobile dongle in the pasted and when I went over the fair usage policy, they throttled the connection between 4pm and mid-night, but enough speed for web browsing at around 15kb. The bottom line, currently there are no hidden charges with T-Mobile, unlike most other competitors. On the dongle the fair usage was 3GB, but I'm not sure how much is the fair usage for the N900.

The phone because it uses maemo(linux) takes a bit to get used to, and while I was hesitating to upgrade from my N95, I'm glad I did.
This thing is just like a linux computer, but fits into your pocket.

One of the things i was concerned being a touch screen phone was that it might switch itself on while in the pocket, but there is a slidle button on the side (next to the hear peace connector) that prevents this from happening.

The other cool thing is that when I'm home it automatically uses wifi, and when I'm at work it also automatically picks up the public wifi at work, so I dont use my data plan anyway.

T-Mobile coverage while not as good as vodafone on 2G coverage, seems to be excellent on 3G coverage which for this type of phone is what I need, I have not seen any connectivity issues while travelling on the train either while connected to 3G.

Don't forget T-Mobile and Orange network will be merging at some point so this should improve coverage further.

I beleive there is a coolling period in case customers are not happy with service.

Let me just say I'm so glad to see the back of Vodafone and their smart ass insulting retention people

I got one thing to say to vodafone, if you want to keep customers make sure you start by offering them the same good deals as new customer can get, and stop your sales/retention people from insulting customers.

Ironically In this case I actually got a better deal from T-Mobile than vodafone can do to new customers.


good one

Shame T-Mobile suck harder than Vodafone, and their coverage aint as good either lol
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