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Posted 19 August 2022

Nail Clippers for Men & Women - 2 Pack - Zinc Alloy Nail Clipper Set - £5.99 Sold by Eclat Skincare, Fulfilled By Amazon

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5X SHARPER: Optimal 41° cutting angle makes our advanced nail clippers the sharpest on the market.

NO BRITTLE OR DAMAGED NAILS: Our curved NailSafe blades are 4x kinder to delicate nail plates than generic straight blades.

3X MORE DURABLE: Engineered from heat-reinforced zinc alloy, which is 114.5% more resilient than regular stainless steel and 100% rust-proof.

ANTIBACTERIAL: Regular nail clippers can harvest dangerous bacteria for days. Our AntiGerm coating kills 99% of bacteria on contact.
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    Word of warning on these, I don't personally feel they're very good. I bought these a couple years ago for almost exact same price as this. Firstly, they went quite blunt after a year, so cutting edge on nails became jagged and not smooth. But also the holding pin that looks solid actually partially snapped.

    I also think this brand is in cohoots with at least one other. I quite liked the bulkiness of them so ordered similar looking ones from Best hope in fancy package for about £2 more. It turns out they're EXACTLY the same, with just brand switched. These ones have also started to go blunt.

    The price is good, so I'm not going to down vote, but I was disappointed by these (and their replacement), I've yet to find an adequate replacement for an amazing pair from a cracker years ago. They lasted me years and never went blunt.
    6806233791660912558.jpg2901935091660913014.jpg21251920311660912570.jpg (edited)
    And I thought it was normal to break nail cutter once a year. But then again I have terribly thick nails on my toes. I don't think I had one that last more than 18months
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    Are these any good for tough nails? Can they get enough leverage ( maybe related to length of cutter)? Are the blades open enough for thick nails? Would a set similar to pliers be better for tough nails? Thanks in advance.
    Hey man, I don't have thick/tough nails, but you can see there is plenty of room in between the blades.
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    What a bad day to become non binary.
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    Bought these, on a previous deal. Defiantly a cut above above cheaper varieties. (no pun intended)
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    Thank the lord! FINALY just ONE nail cutter that both myself & my bit on the side can use. (edited)
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    Not available until mid September
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    Get them last when on the offer and people were asking why to buy these instead of wilko £1 so the quality seems to be much better and feels like its not go out of alignment any time soon, also have extra grip on the handle which is cool 😁
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    Are they any good
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    Yep, had these a year or more. Decent all round.
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    Better buy one witch catcher or you will have to wear eye protection
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    Had my French nail clippers (different design) since 1986. Still work perfectly as my wife hates them and so they can never get lost (she runs through them pretty fast!).
    Bloody hell, that's nearly as old as me
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    Just wait till Christmas when the crackers are done instead
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    Finally! Nail clippers for men and women! Hallelujah!