Nail'd (PS3) - £13.99 @ Amazon
Nail'd (PS3) - £13.99 @ Amazon

Nail'd (PS3) - £13.99 @ Amazon

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Nice price...

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Tarmac's for losers! Hit the dirt and nail it!

Hurtle up and down sheer vertical chasms, hillsides and canyons as you battle it out to the finish line.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you launch your ride 100's of feet above the barren terrain below.

Avoid falling trees, rolling boulders and the odd Boeing 747 as you race at break neck speeds through the Yosemite National Park, Andes Mountain, Arizona desert and the sunny, yet fierce roads of the Mediterranean.

The only thing that races faster will be your heart beat!


It’s been this price on Amazon for a couple of weeks now. The game itself is very nearly good – think Motorstorm: Pacific Rift crossed with Pure. However, it is not a good as either of those titles with a very limited stock of vehicles (one motorcycle and one ATV) and fairly ineffective upgrades for those. In fact most ‘upgrades’ will also downgrade some other element of performance.

But what really kills the game is the inconsistency. You can slam into a boulder one minute with minimal consequences then gently brush another moments later leading to instant wipeout. Over time that gets more and more annoying.

There is good stuff here but it feels half-finished (the lack of vehicles) and unpolished (the infuriatingly capricious crash tolerance).

I bought it at this price a week ago and managed about six hours of play before getting fed up with it, so heat for the price but lukewarm for the game.

decent price, crap game.
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