Nails inc. London colour collection 3 polish set-£4.99 in store at Savers

Nails inc. London colour collection 3 polish set-£4.99 in store at Savers

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Found 30th Jul 2014
Local Savers store had a big display near the tills of nails inc 3 polish colour collection. A few varieties available including special effects, top coat and plain polish's. Pic doesn't do it justice, great colours! Retails at £22 so great deal for 3 polish's.


Do you think this will be national?

Yeah it's all savers stores

Brilliant price

Seen them in the window of my local store tonight so I'll be going in tomorrow for some. Thanks op

Thanks OP

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They had quite a few colour combinations. I snapped one up for a Christmas pressie!!

What size bottles please? Mini or full size? Thanks

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These are full size bottles

I think Savers are quite underrated we get quite a few things in there - always worth a look if you are passing

Good find, just picked up 2, although there were no top coat

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Picked up 3 sets today. Great price.

Thanks op! Will get a few for Christmas presents if my local has them

Bought them all

Still had about 50 packs in Beverley store today Great polish

Thanks picked up a couple in Stockton today. Not a shop I usually shop in.

Picked up a base coat (white bottle), Lowndes Square (lilac/grey), and Galaxy effect Trafalgar Crescent. I think a couple of the boxes had top coat in - but the black bottle not see through bottle. I was worried it was a black polish, & didn't have a chance to have a proper look

Still had quite a lot I in the reading store...picked up 3 packs
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