Nakd Pecan Pie 35 g (Pack of 18) £8.87 (Prime) / £13.62 (non Prime) at Amazon

Nakd Pecan Pie 35 g (Pack of 18) £8.87 (Prime) / £13.62 (non Prime) at Amazon

Found 20th Dec 2016
My favourite healthy snack! Cheapest I've seen them. Occasionally on offer at Sainsburys at 50p each but this works out cheaper.
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The problem with this is that you are paying around 76p a bar if you don't have Prime and they're usually 75p in the shops, sometimes 50p.
I had a batch with shell in them. Had to loosely chew and gulp it with water to prevent breaking all my teeth.
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how are these "healthy", they're loaded with sugar?
Natural fruit sugar rather than added sugar.
Like everything, eat in moderation. Probably no worse than eating a piece of fruit as that's what they are - pressed fruit.

I've had the odd bit of crunchy shell as well in some.....suppose it shows it's a bit more natural although expensive if you crack a tooth
My favourite at present are the peanut ones.

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Gone up in price now, showing £11.08 for me.
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