Naked Bath products £0.99 Bargain @ 99p Store

Naked Bath products £0.99 Bargain @ 99p Store

Found 16th Aug 2009Made hot 27th Aug 2009
Was in the 99 pence store in Swansea and they had a few shelves of Naked bath products for 99 pence each,

They had the cocoa butter…22/

fiver off the boots price not bad

mankuna honey…39/

and the starflower shower gel…81/

and a few other hand washes and gels.


this stuff is really good and generaly expensive.awesome shampoos.just a shame no stores in Scotland.Boooo

seen this loads of times but assumed it was a cheap brand :roll:

not bad, heat added cheers

No good for me I have clothed baths voted cold.


My local 99p store has the hand cream (manuka honey, usually £3.99 ) and the face mask ! So pretty good deal.

That is good. I love those products!

Makes you wonder about the larger company's proifit margins doesn't it?

Woops. *Profit*
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