Naked Lie / Stranger In The Family / Change Of Heart / Child's Cry [True Stories DVD Box Set] - £3.85 delivered @ Zavvi !
Naked Lie / Stranger In The Family / Change Of Heart / Child's Cry [True Stories DVD Box Set] - £3.85 delivered @ Zavvi !

Naked Lie / Stranger In The Family / Change Of Heart / Child's Cry [True Stories DVD Box Set] - £3.85 delivered @ Zavvi !

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Naked Lie:
D.A. Joanne Dawson has everything that a woman could possibly want: beauty, brains, a successful career - and Jonathan Morris, a powerful judge, as her lover. When a dead prostitute is found in a luxury hotel room, Joanne lands the part of prosecuting attorney, with Morris as the judge. But the defendant vigorously protests his innocence, and during her investigations Joanne stumbles across some disturbing evidence - evidence that strikes at the very heart of her personal life.

A Stranger in the Family:
A minor car crash has a major impact on the Thompson family when their teenaged son Steve (Neil Patrick Harris, Doogie Howser, M.D.) sustains a 'simple dose of concussion', Steve's life goes into freefall as injuries deep in his brain wipe out his memory, erasing every element of his identity.

His mother Randi (Teri Garr, Oscar nominee for Tootsie) refuses to give up on her son, even if he is now a stranger to his family. But Randi's well-meaning efforts to restore Steve's old life drive him to breaking point, and Randi must face the harsh fact that there's only one way to restore Steve to the heart of his shattered family.

Change of Heart:
Beneath Jim Marshall's (John Terry, Full Metal Jacket) veneer as the all-American father and Husband, there lies a deep-seated and long-suppressed desire that is about to ruin his family's Idyllic existence. When Elaine Marshall (Jean Smart, the Brady Bunch Movie, "Designing Women") catches her husband and his lover in a hotel room, her anger quickly turns to shock as she discovers that Jim's paramour is actually a young man. What ensues is painful and soul-searching for Elaine and her children: was their once tight-knit family nothing more than a sham? And when it comes to assigning blame, who is at fault for Jim's sudden change of heart? When word finally spreads throughout the community, the Marshall kids have trouble dealing with the inevitable indignities. Over time, Elaine and her children come to accept Jim's lifestyle and through the painful process of healing, they learn that they can still love one another as a family.

Child's Cry:
Dedicated but overburdened social worker Joanne Van Vuren (Lindsay Wagner, The Bionic Woman) can do without yet another problematic case - especially that of a 6-year-old Eric Townsend, who has been found sleeping rough. Eric is shy and withdrawn, but as Joanne begins to gain his trust she notices his fear of his father Matt (Peter Coyote, Jagged Edge) and suspects Eric may be the victim of sexual abuse. But how would a boy as young and fragile as Eric cope with the trauma of giving evidence in open court, even if it was the only way to nail his abuser for such horrific crimes?


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nice one

best true story ive seen was A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story would love for this to come out on dvd
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