Naked Lunch (DVD) £2.99 delivered @ Play (William S. Burroughs / David Cronenberg )

Naked Lunch (DVD) £2.99 delivered @ Play (William S. Burroughs / David Cronenberg )

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Found 4th Feb 2011
Director David Cronenberg and author William S. Burroughs invite you to lunch.

Part-time exterminator and full-time drug addict Bill Lee (Peter Weller) plunges into the nightmarish netherworld of the Interzone, pursuing a mysterious project that leads him to confront sinister cabals and giant talking bugs...

The fruit of an unholy union between two masters of the hilarious and the macabre, 'Naked Lunch' mingles aspects of Burroughs' novel with incidents from his own life, resulting in a compendium of paranoid fantasies and a searching investigation into the mysteries of the writing process.

# Audio commentary from director David Cronenberg
# 'Naked Making Lunch': a documentary on the making of the film (50 mins)
# Interview with producer Jeremy Thomas
# Trailers
# Interactive menu
# Scene access

Not to be compared to the book - very different - more of a desert after the main course that is the book. Amazon have pricematched so popped link in post below.

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