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MSE Special - 7 Bottles of Wine and Two Glasses £35 @ Naked Wines - New Customers Only
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
MSE Special - 7 Bottles of Wine and Two Glasses £35 @ Naked Wines - New Customers Only
NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY 7 Bottles of Wine and Two Glasses @ Naked Wines - works out at £5 a bottle, with two free glasses, including delivery! If you order via this Naked Wines* link,… Read more
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Thanks, have now added this to the deal! (y)


Thanks, have now added this to the deal! (y)


Or just order nicer wine from Aldi online.


This is an MSE special and should be credited as such.


New customers only

6 bottles of wine for £25 @ Naked Wines
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
6 bottles of wine for £25 @ Naked Wines
Naked wines are doing a promotion where if you complete a survey (47 seconds supposedly) they give you £30 off your first order which on a selection of 6 white, 6 red or 6 mixed ma… Read more
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Got a hard time this deal but I’m not sure why. I think the idea of these wine clubs scare people. Like I said I haven’t signed up to anything, I don’t have to cancel anything. I have literally just bought 6 bottles of decent wine, one off for £25. We did it twice actually as my partner did it too. Will probably do it again and really get prepped for Xmas!


I've been an 'Angel' for around a year now and have really enjoyed every wine they've sent. Just a note about their subscription, you build up credit but you can withdraw it and have it paid back into your bank account whenever you want. In my experience they're a very pleasant company to deal with


Survey before you even start !


Used these before, they usually offer you deals like this but in the past they have been save £60 when you spend £100 so you end up with 12 bottles for about £45-£50. The wine is generally good and they offer a refund or replacement if you don't like the wine. Signing up to be an angel is not as good as the one off deals because you have to make a deposit each month and the wine isn't as cheap as it is on the offer. Although you do get access to some really nice wine. I was an angel for about a year and only disliked 1 bottle enough to get a refund.


Fair play, as stated though this is not a subscription deal. This is a one off purchase. There is supposedly a waiting list to join the angels so you couldn’t join even if you wanted to. This is better than the Asda/amazon 6 bottles of wine deal and perfect just in time for Christmas.

Naked Wines £30 off introductory offer - £24.98
Found 17th Aug 2016Found 17th Aug 2016
Naked Wines £30 off introductory offer - £24.98
Introductory offer for 6 bottles of wine, which can be red, white, or a mixture of both. Naked Wines work with independent wine makers to bring their top quality wines to people w… Read more
6 Free Bottles of Wine - Collected or £4.99 delivered @ Naked Wines
Found 27th Feb 2016Found 27th Feb 2016
6 Free Bottles of Wine - Collected or £4.99 delivered @ Naked Wines
Had an email off naked wines offering me a free case for only £4.99 delivered. But under the delivery options section you can select free collection from any Majestic Wine store. T… Read more

dead easy to cancel. their wines are lovely too.


Spotted this here yesterday - found my email in my junk folder. I signed into my account and there was a £100 voucher (£100 if you spend £150). So I got the original deal, posted by the op, then, later, added 15 bottles of prosecco (totalling £150.85). I now have 21 bottles of wine being delivered on Wednesday for £60.83!! Thanks op, heat added


Thanks OP. Great deal Would have missed this as was sitting in my junk emails


I've tasted a few bottles from Naked Wines - I wouldn't be upset if I didn't drink any of them again. If you can get them at a bargain price without commitment, try them. At full price, forget it - their list prices are at least double their value - think restaurant mark-up levels.



18 bottles of wine plus free extras (£146.26 for angels and £159.99 for everyone else) @ NakedWines (works out at £8 per bottle including champagne and port)
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
18 bottles of wine plus free extras (£146.26 for angels and £159.99 for everyone else) @ NakedWines (works out at £8 per bottle including champagne and port)
It’s here. Save £146 on your 18-bottle Deluxe Christmas Collection, including a world of FREE goodies for the Christmas table. This year’s Christmas special is stuffed with 18 exc… Read more
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I got absolutely sick of them emailing, then phoning - every other day - for 4 weeks after I made the mistake of going for a 50% off deal. Never known a company pursue someone so intensely. Never again.


Go to the "Wotwine" site and pick some value wines from results of tastings. Some wines are worth much more than they cost. On the negative side some wines are a waste of money.


Bought this last week as an angel. Quite glad it's gone cold, more for me! Anyway back to my bottle!


Their wines are awesome. Heat.


and yet even with this offer laithwaites still has better deals on good wine.

6 bottles of wine for £19.39 delivered at naked wines
Found 21st Mar 2014Found 21st Mar 2014
6 bottles of wine for £19.39 delivered at naked wines
This seems a pretty good deal at naked wines, 6 bottles of what should be quite reasonable for only £19.39 delivered at Naked Wines. Essentially £3.23 per bottle including deliver… Read more

Its for people who have looked at their site and put something in their basket but not completed the purchase. Also, there was only 50 cases available on the day I received my email


I'm getting this message too :( Sorry, you're not eligible for this product . Please make sure you're using the account we e-mailed this offer to. Angel Taster Pack case is only available once per customer


now I cant cancel my account


ye ill try deleting this 1 n starting again I might be doing something wrong but dont think I am.


Very strange, worked for me yesterday, made another account and got to the final stage again but didn't go ahead as don't need two boxes.

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£44.98 for 12 bottles of bubbly @ Naked Wines
Found 20th Feb 2014Found 20th Feb 2014
£44.98 for 12 bottles of bubbly @ Naked Wines
£44.98 for 12 bottles of bubbly @ Naked Wines That's a 3.75 per a bottle of bubbly. 1. New customers - £60 off £99.99 New customers can get £60 off a £99.99+ spend Here's how: … Read more
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Hmmmmm. Case delivered today but not checked or opened it yet. However: HEADS UP . I just saw something on the site which suggests by doing this you are signing up to be an ANGEL and have 20.00 taken out of your account every month. Probably ought to put that in the deal post op. Pasted from drop down box on website. N.B. Buying this case will kick-start your Angel membership, but remember you can cancel if it's not your cup of tea


red are the best. whites are all from stalios vine yard or something,


if white taste sour. what about the others ? And you still buy them ?


What are the reds like?


OK. For anyone having any problem. I just rang them as I had no reason not to. I have never actually bought any though received these offers before. I am in truth a first time customer but I had given an email add twice as I think I got email offers to both e adds. Despite being a genuine first time customer and with a different email address it refused the discount. with a NEW email address it refused my card details. I explained all that and was told: The system is tightly cross referenced so if your email address is ever entered more than once even without purchase it crashes the code deal. If you got as far as entering card details but did not purchase for any reason that card number is also denied thereafter. So email and card details whether used for purchase or not are logged as spent. CS was very pleasant and happy to process the purchase for me and I'm happy with that. Thank you op.

£24.99 for six bottles @ Naked Wines
Found 19th Feb 2014Found 19th Feb 2014
£24.99 for six bottles @ Naked Wines
Thats £ 4.1 per bottle of descent wine. New customers - £40 off £60+ Existing customers - 50% off a 12-bottle case One for NEW Naked Wines customers, and one for existing custom… Read more
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Mine is out for delivery already! Shame that I have paid this £9.99 delivery charge when it's going to be delivered quicker than most people receive theirs for a £4.99 fee. Anyway, it'll be a hazy weekend once the delivery gets here :D


Yeah Already Naked Wines is loading cases for delivery !


Thanks for recycling my post.....the code WINES601 with password VINEYARD also gIves £60 off a £99.99 spend. Good luck everybody!


There is also a voucher for £60 off Spend of £99.99 for new customers (The List Readers) only. They have "Lets get Fizzy case" of 12 cavas and proseccos. Delivery is £4.99, but £9.99 to outlying areas like Shetland, Outer Hebrides & Northern Ireland! Get 12 bottles of good quality Quality Fizzy for under £5 a bottle (3.748, 2B precise)!!! Voucher details Code: THELIST6 Password: VINEYARD Source:


It's good wine, I wouldn't pay £10 a bottle but at £5 it's worth it. The £40 code works for existing customers aswell. Used it yesterday

£60 off a £100 spend on wine @ Naked wines
Found 23rd Dec 2013Found 23rd Dec 2013
£60 off a £100 spend on wine @ Naked wines
Go through the website enter the following info: Code:TSOUP735 Password: ASP32XYN Enter your email address and you have £60 off. The delivery for the wine is only £4.99 as well!

just be careful of joining the wine club, Angeles.


I used them a few times before they had the name change (can't remember what it was before) Quality wines, fast delivery - this post sounds like a gimmick, but it could be quite a good deal


go for it . I have got their wine through offers on a couple of different email addresses !! - you wont be disappointed. Only thing the Asda cheapie wine will never please you again lol !!


Cheers, seems like a really good deal to me! Got it free with tickets i bought! :)


well worth it if this works - Naked wine is fab !!

Naked Wines £40 off £60 spend. Valid for new customers only. £5 shipping
Found 11th Dec 2013Found 11th Dec 2013
Naked Wines £40 off £60 spend. Valid for new customers only. £5 shipping
This is via Moneysavingexpert. New customers can get £40 off a £59.99 spend till Tue 17 Dec by ordering via this Naked Wines* link. A pop-up box will appear on screen and the code… Read more
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Good deal, I think... well I've just ordered a six-case for around £25 so happy. Heat added. However, I declined the "invite" to become an Angel, then the next page says they've put £20 in my account (rather than £40 for an Angel). Am I being stupid and (unless I somehow cancel) they'll take £20 a month from my card now?


There is an easier way than that, ask an existing Angel to send you an invite, you'll get a 40 quid voucher and an Angel Guest Pass with no strings attached. Simples :p PM me if you want a guest pass, it's all perfectly above board.


I only want to make one order for a Xmas present. Can I become an 'angel', make my order and cancel the angel immediately after?


just ordered with my previous account worked fine. dan_dog you have to look out and NOT choose to become an angel and everything will be ok


Their prices are quite high and they will take £20 a month from your account until you stop them 'Angel's discount brings the prices back down again but only to where it should have been all along. Clever marketing and manipulation

6 bottles of wine free @ Naked Wines just pay £4.99 postage
Found 21st Aug 2013Found 21st Aug 2013
6 bottles of wine free @ Naked Wines just pay £4.99 postage
Just received an email advising that I could purchase the Angel Taster Pack of 6 wines for free (apparently worth £67.44)- and just pay £4.99 postage from Naked Wines. Hopefully t… Read more

well - all I can say is so far very impressed with Naked Wines after sending my email explaining that I was not happy to get to the checkout stage then have the offer refused I have have several missed calls from Naked Wines and tonight finally spoke with these guys - and the customer service was excellent Angel Taster pack on it's way - £20 payment holiday for one month to test out the service and the £20 / month is fully refundable if you are not at all happy with the service or process - just ask to close your account nad all balances will be refunded. Sounds good so going to give them a try EliTom


Received my six bottles...delighted...thank you


I got three different emails saying mine would be delayed, three different reasons. Complained purely as I was being fobbed off and had my £4.99 refunded. Just as well as it finally turned up and I only have 5 bottles. Not bad for free though


They have honoured my order and they are being delivered tomorrow. I did not ask for the £4.99 back either, six bottles for postage only is a steal.


Just had my wine delivered in time for the weekend :)

£40 off £65 at Naked Wines New customers only @Naked Wines
LocalLocalFound 20th Feb 2013Found 20th Feb 2013
£40 off £65 at Naked Wines New customers only @Naked Wines
This one come via MoneySavingExpert. Naked Wines £40 off £65 at Naked Wines New customers only New customers going via this Naked Wines* link before Mon 25 Feb 2013, click the b… Read more
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I ordered some wine here before and it was pretty good. Quite some time after I got a cold call from them asking if I would like to join their wine club. Told them I didn't then later found they had joined me anyway and had been taking money from my account each month. They must have saved my bank details without my permission from the order I had previously made to do this. I got all the money back through my bank. Each time the bank contacted them they did not reply as they obviously had no diect debit agreement signed. After a quick google search I found this had happened to lots of people so BEWARE!


I've had one bad bottle from them in the past couple of years the rest have been excellent and some exceptional, much better than your average supermarket plonk!


I've used Naked Wines for the last two years and all the wine I've had from them has been excellent (including some of their cheapest bottles)... especially compared to the Sarsons you get in a supermarket!


I fell for these cowboys once. Really awful, awful wine. I had 2 cases ranging from their cheapest to their mid range, all from "independent" vineyards, and not a single one was drinkable. Shocking company.


I was tempted by this myself, surely the wine can't be that bad? Plus £5 per bottle is not that much

£50 worth of wine delivered to your door for £5ish @ nakedwines !
Found 16th Jan 2012Found 16th Jan 2012
£50 worth of wine delivered to your door for £5ish @ nakedwines !
Fancy 6 bottles of wine for £5ish delivered to your door? Then read on! 1. Go to and click on 'inspire me'. 2. Register as a new user. 3. Now rate 30is… Read more

They must have changed it.....Terms and Conditions now specify that you have to spend £99 at least to redeem your £50 voucher......a total waste of 40 minutes.


Got mine delivered today. Essentially, 6 bottles of free wine - just £5 for delivery!! :D I will, however, check my credit card to see that only £5 has been deducted.


does this still work or do you have to spend £89.99 now? x


I received my wine today, thank you very much OP. I also sent one to a friend as a thank you and they received theirs as well. Now the only question left is do I sample some of it tonight?


Just ordered mine! 6 bottles hopefully arriving on Thursday:D I will however be keeping a close look at my bank account to make sure ony £4.99 is taken off!

£50 worth of wine for £5 postage at Naked Wines via winedemon
Found 18th Dec 2011Found 18th Dec 2011
£50 worth of wine for £5 postage at Naked Wines via winedemon
Register at Winedemon and rate 30 bottles of wine. This sounds laborious but all you need to do is click I liked it/ didnt like it and rate out of 5 stars; it takes about 10 minute… Read more
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Stay away from this offer. I had a Waterstones voucher which I redeemed for the 12 bottle case. Did not notice the very small feint print at the bottom of the screen which signs you up at £20 per month. Did not realise until my credit card bill arrived the month after the purchase by then they had £40. The site is designed deliberately to mislead the buyer, in that it is not easy to discover how to get your money back. In the end I rang and ended shouting like a madman at the tart on the other end who said I had signed up to it. Not the case as the acceptance is implied and there is no sign up that makes it obvious that this is a wine account. In fact the voucher issued states that NO requirement to join any wine "clubs", which is a patent misrepresentation and it says this on the front and back of the voucher.


I have to agree rebottled and labled by Naked Wine, two bottles the same label and one was drinkable the other was very poor , quailty is not consistant. Won't be buying from them again, the 3 for a tenner is much better.


What evidence do you have to make a claim like this, there are a few name brand wines on there that the partner ordered and arrived and taste just like the stuff that i have had else where in the world, and even things we have never heard of before tasted quite good.


hmmm maybe your grapes were sour? ROFLMAO


it's all their own brand wine, labelled up with a name and country so that will be why it's at best mediocre

15 bottles of white and red wines for £69.99 + £4.99 delivery  @ nakedwines (maybe only First Direct customer, maybe not)
Found 10th Dec 2010Found 10th Dec 2010
15 bottles of white and red wines for £69.99 + £4.99 delivery @ nakedwines (maybe only First Direct customer, maybe not)
An exclusive offer for first direct customers- 12 festive crackers, worth £98.38, for just £69.99 - PLUS three FREE award-winning Rioja worth £23.97 on top! - NEXT working day deli… Read more

As Bowyert1 has found, the case of 15 wines and the voucher are two different elements. (IE voucher is not required for the case the OP has mentioned). The voucher (£50 off a £80 spend, a rare voucher for NW!) can be used with the First Direct Exclusive Wine Picks, reducing the price to £2.49 a bottle (+£5 P&P) - total cost of £29.99 + £5P&P for 12 wines. The case (First Direct Festive Favourites) is £70 for 15 wines. Again, add £5 P&P. Join these two together in one order, and you have just under 27 wines for ~ £100, (~£3.70 a bottle). instead of the original price tag of £226.33... Not bad for a Christmas stock up on some very nice, independent wines! Note - I say ~£100 as the total cost would be £99.98 - there is free postage on over £100 but not sure if the website will detect this (I've already ordered mine!). It might be prudent to phone in this scenario and see if they would be willing to give you free delivery on an order of this scale...


Not a First Direct customer, so can't use this deal. Used an Amazon voucher to get 12 bottles for £40 (+£5 p&p). Should keep me going on Christmas Day.


Just ordered for 29.99 I have used them before and the wines are great and quick to refund if any problems


Link doesn't work try this

money off wine deal. spend over £79.99 & voucher code gives you £40 off @ naked wines
Found 17th Nov 2010Found 17th Nov 2010
money off wine deal. spend over £79.99 & voucher code gives you £40 off @ naked wines
My first posting so sorry if i mess it up! when you spent over 79.99 this voucher code gives you 40 essentially you could get 12 bottles for 40 plus 5 for delivery. Dont ha… Read more
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Naked Wines 21 bottles of wine for less than £60 (using £50 off a £99.99 spend voucher)
Found 17th Apr 2010Found 17th Apr 2010
Naked Wines 21 bottles of wine for less than £60 (using £50 off a £99.99 spend voucher)
Log on to confirm your e-mail, Code: INDIGO50, Password:VINEYARD and it puts £50 into your account. I picked 21 bottes at 4.99 each (reduced from £7.… Read more

Looks like all the £4.99 wines are gone! :-(


Great post , big thanks


What's the general quality of these wines like? I'm looking for a good deal to stock the bar at my wedding. I'm not too much of a wine buff myself, so would appreciate any input...........and yes, the beer is already sorted :thumbsup:


just got 18 bottles for 55quid.


Seems pretty hot to me. Very strange.

Christmas Emergency Case 15 Bottles inc 1 Champagne for £64.98 Delivered before Christmas!!! @NakedWines
Found 22nd Dec 2009Found 22nd Dec 2009
Christmas Emergency Case 15 Bottles inc 1 Champagne for £64.98 Delivered before Christmas!!! @NakedWines
Although I do encourage responsible drinking, but this deals seems pretty good! Panic over! Every wine you'll need guaranteed for Christmas Champagne Claude Baron Cuvee Saphir Br… Read more

Brilliant deal.


Thanks for that. I was about to order some wine from somewhere, so this was perfectly timed and a good deal into the bargain! Best wishes, Neil


It was set up by a defector from Virgin no?


virgin wines are here: but both based in Norwich


I think it used to be Virgin Wines? Can someone confirm this? PS: No it is not .. Just checked address

6 bottles of wine, £4.99 delivered @
Found 15th Oct 2009Found 15th Oct 2009
6 bottles of wine, £4.99 delivered @
Just got this through from first direct: If you "sponsor" Sam and Mark (2 Australian wine makers) £5 a month, they will send you 6 bottles of win for free now. The £5 is redeemabl… Read more

Yup... but what do you exepect with some of the people on this site! If i had said tescos and three times the price would have been scortching!


Seems it wasn't as cold as the idiots that voted it that way.


Offer Pulled... Too much demand apparently


Day time trolls of course :roll: Have some heat to warm it backup :thumbsup:


Glad it was not just me being confused then!

£25 off orders over £64.99 @ Naked Wines
Found 25th Mar 2009Found 25th Mar 2009
£25 off orders over £64.99 @ Naked Wines
Naked Wines is an online farmer's market, where you will find the kind of winemakers who want to spend their lives making great wine, rather than selling it! The most exciting win… Read more

Than's what I thought - obviously I was wrong :-(


I must collect about three of these 'vouchers' each month, beaten only by the numbe of 'vouchers' I get for Virgin Wines. Many thanks Amazon, Lovefilm and all the rest of you... But no thanks.


I used a voucher with them recently, great service and the wine is gorgeous! Drinking some as I type!! :-D


I used a voucher with them, great service and great wine


I got a voucher card for this with some delivery and thought it seemed like a good deal. Whats with all the cold voting? £40 for 12 bottles of wine, £3.33/bottle seems pretty good value to me. Looks like it should be fairly decent quality too as its a site geared towards finer wines.