Nambarrie tea 120 bags 99p @ Netto (80+40 free)

Nambarrie tea 120 bags 99p @ Netto (80+40 free)

Found 1st Apr 2008
Ok this isn't going to be everybody's cup of tea* but seems pretty good to me, much more expensive if you buy it direct and normally it's only available in Ireland and Scotland (apparently). A part review I found on the net:

"On the spectrum that is flavour, tea has a rating level starting at 'dish water' and ending in 'mud'. Nambarrie is firmly in the middle being neither too strong nor too weak to the extent you might be forgiven for thinking it had been dredged from the Thames."

Sounds good to me :-)

*Ok, rumbled I only posted so I could use that line (and partial review) LOL. Having said that i'm going to be stocking up as I like strong tea :-)


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Heres a link to one of their ad's : ]Click!

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Bought some today. Dredged from the Thames my ****. I expected loads of meaty body parts floating in it and the consistency of soup. Drinkable though, good job really as I bought 6 boxes :w00t:
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