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Free WhoisGuard from Namecheap FOREVER
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Got an Instagram story from Namecheap saying they're offering WhoisGuard for all their domains forever.

YES GDPR! All Registrars will probably roll the cost of Privacy into the domain cost eventually. Voted HOT because Namecheap is an excellent Domain Registrar. I have been with them for many years.


cheers OP, i normally payed for .... GDPR has been right pain sorting out our website past few weeks


Got the same at Gandi already, due to GDPR.


This would likely be down to the fact that European law basically killed Whois. Charging your customers money to not reveal their personal details to the internet at large was a pretty bad privacy policy in retrospect.


GDPR has pretty much provided this now as name and address data is no longer published

Namecheap limited offer Comodo PositiveSSL for just £1.48 /$1.99/year
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Comodo PositiveSSL for just $1.99/year? For a limited time, we're offering Comodo PositiveSSL certificates for the unbelievable low price of $1.99 for the first year, with purchas… Read more

I think so but one domain for £1.48 is not that bad.


Used Namecheap yesterday for a Comodo SSL - seemed to be the cheapest for a 3 domain cert


its a good and cheap way to encrypt your website but your hosting provider should support it (pirate)


But this is still a basic cert, so why not just save all your money and the hassle, and go with Letsencrypt?


Oh I'm so sorry. But you can contact namecheap customer service and ask this offer. Today I did the same. Actually I got 2 $0.88 coupons from black friday offer. But unfortunately it expired. They didn't give me $0.88 offer but this ;)

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17% off domain name renewals at Namecheap for today
Found 11th Oct 2017Found 11th Oct 2017
It's rare to get discounts on domain name renewals (.com, .net, etc), so if you have any domains with Namecheap then today is the day to renew for single or multi-year. Offer rede… Read more
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Thought I should probably follow this up after some recent changes at Innohosting - they have just been bought out by a private equity firm. They may stay a great host, but whilst I had a great relationship with their previous team I have zero experience with the new management, so couldn't comment either way on their quality any more. Personally, I have shifted some sites to, but HostWithLove is also getting a lot of support at the moment. I hope Innohosting keeps up its long record of quality, but buyouts don't tend to be a good sign with hosting companies.


Thanks mate


Namecheap are great for domains - good prices, decent live chat support, and they don;t try to upsell. I've used them for a decade and have been very happy. Hosting is a different issue as it depends on your needs. What sort of site are you looking to host and what level of traffic do you want to plan for? For general (shared) hosting I use Innohosting and have been very happy with their service for many years - it's rock solid, well priced, UK or US servers, and their techs really know what they're doing. I host all kinds of sites there, from smallish Wordpress sites to forums to static sites. If you just want to host a Wordpress site, then Siteground are probably the budget option as they have built some infrastructure dedicated to Wordpress, which speeds up page delivery. If you are hosting a big Wordpress site then take a look at Pagely - they're fantastic.


Hello, Can anyone recommend a reputable provider please for domain and hosting. thank you


Although I've heard of this technique I wouldn't at all say its solely related to Namecheap. I've actually been pondering buying a domain recently, through Namecheap, typed it in and exited out - in fact a few times. The domain is still available to buy.

**LIVE NOW** up to 98% off domain registration, hosting, SSLs @ Namecheap
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
**UPDATE: Site went off briefly due to a surge of people wanting to buy domains and hosting** Hello there guys! Third post ever! Namecheap are doing a hourly based discount deals … Read more
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Managed to get a .com domain and protection for less than a quid, cheers OP!


Live chat?


be careful guys. They take your money even when the coupon code exceeded usage and refuse to honour it eventhough you have paid. need to contact them to get money back.


If you were like me and paid extra by some mistake or another, if you contact their live chat, they will instantly refund you. I got double charged and I got a instant refund


I paid for hosting and then the confirmation says coupon code exceeded usage. I don't even know if I got it or not now lol

£ 0.62  (88 cents) for domain names at Namecheap
Found 8th Apr 2016Found 8th Apr 2016
Namecheap offers a number of 88 cent domains (you can use Paypal to pay for the registration to avoid foreign currency charges on your card). Please note it's available only for se… Read more

Try Name or Namecheap. For hosting use Hostgator or if you need UK based try Fly My Cloud


My two and . UK domains are up for renewal with godaddy... Anyone suggest a decent and reasonably cheap company to transfer to as I just have them registered but don't use them etc...


That's not Namecheap's fault. I've worked with domain name companies for several years and all registrars would do the same thing. The previous owner always has priority. Also, you get notified SEVERAL times before a domain name expires. And after expiring, you STILL have priority to renew it up to 30 days before it becomes out of your grasp. I just had to comment as Namecheap have always been good to me and are one of the few companies that don't upsell the world to you when you buy something.


Nothing wrong with Namecheap as a company but they're trying to flog a dead horse with these extensions


most of my domains are with Godaddy and Namecheap

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$0.88 domain name registrations Namecheap .xyz .press .site .website .online .pw .space .tech
Found 24th Feb 2016Found 24th Feb 2016
1 year registrations for 88 cents (USD) which is about 63p until 10th March on the following new TLD extensions at Each domain comes with 1yr free WhoIsGuard plus … Read more

That's how you may be caugh, email that I received after 1 year or so:- This Notice for: WWW.donmain_name. XYZ will expire on November 28,2016 Act today! [ ] 1 year 11/28/2016 - 11/28/2017 $75.00 [ ] 2 year 11/28/2016 - 11/28/2018 $119.00 [ ] 5 year 11/28/2016 - 11/28/2021 $199.00 [ ] 10 year -Most Recommended- 11/28/2016 - 11/28/2026 $295.00 [ ] Lifetime (NEW!) Limited time offer - Best value! Lifetime $499.00


Even if you're after a 1 year SSL it's worth registering any old domain to get the discount then setting it to expire which will save you $6.22!


I've never come across any fees for transferring a domain out, some TLDs carry a transfer in fee in the form of extending for another year


Excellent deal Rob! Hot!


Before I spend an age trawling through t&c, are you aware of any transfer-out fees ? Thanks.

Free .me domain for selected universities in UK, US and Canada
Found 8th Jun 2015Found 8th Jun 2015
-For a limited time, Namecheap is giving students a free bundle to kickstart their online presence Includes: Email hosting AND premium OR github pages 1 click setup -How… Read more
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Wont take my uni, shame


this deal is crazy good. Works super well, and if you use up your free .me domain they offer other cheap domains such as .co, .website etc for $1


Thanks for this, hope they accept my university.

Namecheap 'MYDD' domain transfers from US$ 3.98
Found 22nd Jan 2015Found 22nd Jan 2015
Since 2012, Namecheap has raised funds for the EFF, initially started as a protest against US laws which impact on personal privacy, and those pushing for censorship. MYDD - "Move… Read more

good deal


matt20 - I did write a response earlier - had a message it was being moderated - mentioned only problems I've had, and years ago, were with RegisterFly, but none with Namecheap, etc, and unaware of any reported problems / complaints about the latter...


matt20 - understood not all about price, though HUKD in general does have a history of posters challenging or marking cold if somewhere else is supplying the same product or service for less (hence my assumption that would be why people were less than impressed and marked this cold). I have many dozen domains (of my own and those of clients) and have had hardly any problems over the umpteen years. If you've seen negative comments about I'd be happy to consider (and will hunt for any such comments anyway, just in case)... I can only remember one major problem (with some years ago) and ICANN sorted it fairly quickly once someone blew the whistle....


Thanks masliya - yes, they're a reasonable registration firm - I first started using their free DNS service (no domains were even with them). mcormack - it's partly pricing (the older domain names have been in the $5-$15 price bracket for maybe 10 years. They're with a small number of registrars and the systems involved have been honed to high reliability. The very newest TLDs are from a (large) number of businesses, some of them new startups, funded by VCs, and pricing is (a) generally higher (up to $750 for some) and (b) far from stable and "bedded in" for them to have a big customer base and be willing to give large discounts (perhaps offering no discounts at all).


Why aren't the new Tld's (Top Level Domains) included?? e.g. .london, .law, .beer.....etc

Cheap SSL Certificates and more ($0.99) Namecheap
Found 1st Dec 2014Found 1st Dec 2014
I realise not everyone will find this useful but it's handy for those who want a secure padlock on their webpage without giving errors about certificate being invalid. Discount co… Read more

New post


The deal is back at 3AM UK Time.


All codes used unfortunately. :(


My first Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchase, big spender!! Can't go wrong for 70p or whatever it is... Worth it to stop the damned security check when I login to my NAS


heat. supposed to help ever so slightly with SEO these days though I've yet to use the godaddy ssl post here once (£25 for 5 years I think it was)

US$ 0.98 domain name registration / transfer Black Friday + Cyber Monday at
Found 26th Nov 2014Found 26th Nov 2014
Each hour of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, from 00.01 EST to 23.59 EST (ie 05.01 Friday / Monday to 04.59 Saturday / Tuesday) there will be a range of domain registration and doma… Read more

Namecheap aren't bad and they can do the little-known "file on server" method (like how Google Webmaster Tools auths a site) for secure cert authorisation of PositiveSSL certs via the live chat. It's handy if you don't have access to the domain's mail server to set up an alias/account to receive the auth e-mail for the cert. I normally use Servertastic myself because they're UK based, but Namecheap are a reasonable alternative.


off to bed for a while - have fun folks.


17:00 deal and what's to come early evening


Probably because their site is up and down like a who#es knickers. They even removed their Facebook post about black friday, because of all the people complaining, and calling shenanigans. Although I got one $0.98 hosting plan, first thing this morning, the following few deals were a complete shambles.


Type your comment here...11:00 deal came and went As did the reseller hosting (went to answer the postman, came back and sold out!) Upcoming offers for us... Bit of a shame it's getting no heat. Without some, it'll be down the list and few will spot it !

Free Domain Name for Students @ Namecheap
Found 17th Sep 2014Found 17th Sep 2014
NameCheap are offering a free domain to students for a year plus some free website making tools such as I'm no longer a student but this seems a great deal, I've done som… Read more

This needs to be hotter! Just signed up with Aberystwyth Uni


Not working for Stirling, sent them an email


Great find


Doesn't work for Plymouth either-


Edge Hill students can't get this. I've e-mailed them to consider us though :(

1 yr .uk Registration and  'value' hosting (25gb storage, 'unlimited' bandwidth, up to 5 websites) - US$8.58 @ Namecheap
Found 12th Jun 2014Found 12th Jun 2014
This strikes me as an awesome deal. 1) Add your .uk domain to your cart 2) Add 'value hosting' with 'UK datacentre' to your cart 3) checkout - make sure your WHOIS details closel… Read more

Thanks for the update. Worth looking out for offers going forward, very happy with the hosting so far.


Gutted this expired! :(


Just went for this £5.01 for me, voted hot


Very easy to move between cPanel accounts across the web. Most providers (Namecheap included) will happily manage the transfer for you, so you just need to change your Nameservers... ... or if you want a very fast changeover, reduce your A record's TTL in the DNS Zone File then change the IP; then change the nameserver.


Just talked to their support. In the 2nd year you'll have to pay the normal price of $4.90/month (~$59.76 a year) for the UK datacentre value hosting. You can only pay one year upfront, not monthly payments, just a warning!

.us or .biz domain for $0.98 @ NameCheap
Found 18th Mar 2014Found 18th Mar 2014
NameCheap are running a promotion where you can get a .us or a .biz domain for 1 year at $0.98. 0.98 US Dollar equals 0.59 British Pound Sterling No voucher code necessary

Woah, wait, are you sure? You should post it on here. Deal of the century.


I heard dfs has some kind of sale on too!!!


Yeh, true. Though it does state "Regularly engages in lawful activities (sales of good or services or other business, commercial or non-commercial, including not-for-profit relations in the United States" so I can't see that being a problem for most people. Personally I just use them for vanity hosts on IRC. Source


Technically you need a presence in the USA to have a .us domain, but I don't think they bother checking. Might be a problem if someone wants a domain you own though. Technically they could complain and have the domain taken off you.

Namecheap domain transfers at US$ 3.98 and 75% off hosting
Found 29th Jan 2014Found 29th Jan 2014
Price will depend on exchange rate on the day, and how you pay. Namecheap took a stand in 2012 against the 'Stop Online Piracy Act' and made donations to EFF based on new business… Read more

For babydollo - you can have hosting and registration with completely different firms, so you could use the transfer pricing from A to B to (A or C) and so on… then if the exchange rate changes (I look for .com domains with US$ pricing mostly, and only now and then check UK prices as they are generally similar/ higher, depending on whether VAT gets charged {eg by GoDaddy}) then when you get (say) $2 to the pound, that's when I'd extend to 10 years. @dancedar - think the 1.95 deal seems to be a 'new domain' with some other product. I just grabbed the transfer prices :-


Looks great, however, isn't there a godaddy .com transfer for £1.95? I know people don't like gd but they are cheaper, correct?


Im New to website building and intend to create a site which involves carts and subscriptions. Also is it better to buy domain name on this site or from another and transfer....or to buy for 10years now to avoid costly renewals...?


Deal especiallyas godaady have ramped up their renewal prices.


I have been using Namecheap for a while (in 2011 I started using their free DNS facility but only more recently have I used them for registration of domains). I still have domains with GoDaddy,, and others, and tend to transfer domains for lower charges than paying the full 'renewal' prices. Remember that for some transfers you need to have an authentication code, in advance (obtained via your current registration firm and possibly sent to the admin contact by e-mail) so that an attempt to 'grab' a domain from your current registration firm will fail because it needs this code to even be considered as a valid request. There's a Namecheap page explaining how to reduce downtime if you are moving hosting (seen on a previous thread on HUKD)… See this link

1 Year Domain for $0.98* @ NameCheap (new cust. Only!)
Found 14th Oct 2013Found 14th Oct 2013
I found this on namecheap. $0.98 + $0.18 icann fees. Cant go wrong! Click get deal, get promo code, sign up, 0DAB0616BECF4F1CB98F then a unique code is generated, search for any d… Read more
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Some more information for those who are voting cold? Valid for com/net/org/biz TLDs only A maximum of one domain per Namecheap account can be registered at this price during the entire promotion period Coupon usage is limited to 1 per household or business This is an introductory offer and is valid for new customers only The price with the coupon code is valid for the first year only, renewal comes at regular price Coupon valid from 10/14/2013 7:44:29 AM to 10/21/2013 7:44:29 AM Eastern You can use this coupon only once and only for one domain


Hot hot hot! Click get deal, get promo code, sign up, 0DAB0616BECF4F1CB98F then a unique code is generated, search for any domain, use the unique code - and bam $0.98 + ICANN fees! Paid via PayPal and new domain is now setup :) Note that automatic renewal seems to be automatically on - thus it will renew at full price ;) I cancelled this via PayPal on the options directly on PayPal not on NameCheap!


haven't found a one domain for 0.98c, COLD

Found 7th Oct 2013Found 7th Oct 2013
Cheap reliable hosting from Namecheap domain registrar UK hosting $1 month extra. 1 - 3 years packages and larger hosting packages available +++ Use voucher code: EUHOSTING +++ … Read more

You can buy the hosting and there is a moneyback guarantee if not satisfied. They transfer your site, reset your DNS to namecheap. Site is visible after propagation in new hosting, till then in your old hosting. Not satisfied, ask for your money back (Payment with Paypal) Reset your DNS server back to your old hosting which still hosts a duplicat copy of your site. Cheap enough to have second webhosting in case of downtime on your main hosting. You can host 5 websites so you can share the hosting cost with others.


Thank you for the reply mick2me. I will have a definitely be having a look and trying out namecheap soon. Don't know why this is being voted cold, if there is a problem with this offer please comment with what it is guys, come on we meant to be helping each other get good deals on this site. (Think the web admins need to put in a function that a cold vote can only be counted if a comment is made first else no voted in counted)


Have now been hosting with them for about a week, Hosting is fast from US servers and they transferred my site and databases over server to server very quickly. I have found their support to be excellent. They need Cpanel access on your site to do the transfer. Buy a block of hosting and transfer over, if you dont like it, reset you DNS pointers back to Godaddy. I took it for three years and am glad I did. Update here with your experiences Good luck ps. I see the idiots are still voting this down without giving any reason, this unfortunately causes people to pass over bargains without reading them. I will never again trust the ratings on this site or post another deal.


Hi, quick question to anyone who has used namescheap. Are they any good for hosting (reliable)? They are good for domains but don't know about hosting. I am currently with godaddy hosting (been with them 1 month) they are good with domains but are quite bad for hosting, having a lot of latency issues with database setup and sending emails and they don't seem to bothered to sort it out. Going to try and get a refund for the remaining 11 months and leave them.


Thanks for taking the time to comment Geemac. Proves my point and that of catherton above. There are members on this site that will anonymously vote down a deal because others have done the same. Probably the same for Hot deals as well.. If I remember the same happened to my first posting as well.. I therefore never reposted deals I found since that date to yesterday Not the best way to encourage new members to post deals? Thanks top all who voted hot, as I saw the rating go up and down, best it reached was -1 Unfortunately your hot votes were defeated by silent negative voters.