Nandos Perinaise 250ml 89p at Tesco

Nandos Perinaise 250ml 89p at Tesco

Found 5th Oct 2010
Nandos Perinaise 250ml 89p at Tesco

Half price at Tesco from 6th October
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Mmm nandos perinaise! Never seen this in the supermarket! Will be investing
is it nice never tried it
what is this item???
think its a dip ?
its like a mix of mayonnaise with peri peri sauce

Is this stocked in a chiller cabinet or on the shelf in Tescos?

In Nandos restaurants they keep it in the fridge so hope it is the same for this.
It's just on the shelves...not near the mayo but the Nandos section. Bought one on Friday but it was £1.69 then. Yum.

You put in the fridge once it's open like normal mayo. They only put it in the fridge coz it's in plastic packaging rather than this in glass.
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OMG!!! This stuff is amazing!
OMG as well! Need to get some, this stuff is lovely with chips!
the sauce is amazing, its very similar to thousand island\marie rose sauce (which I love)
haven't tried this before, will buy and try. Thanks for posting, heat added.
Sweet, ta.
just thought... if I get these then i'll have a need for chips all the time and will get extremely fat... hmm, fancy nandos now...
really nice actually, not a fan of nandos but i love this dip/sauce.
You'd have to be a bit daft to vote Nando's "cold"
HOOOOT! I love all things Nandos and can't wait to try this

However, that'll be why there was non on the shelf at the Durham Extra/Dragonville store last night! There was even a sticker saying "next available 16/10/2010"

I just usually whack a bit of Nando's sauce on to my mayonaise on my plate, et voila - homemade Nando's perinase
Awesome sauce, you can buy it in massive jars in South Africa but never seen it for sale over here before except in Nandos itself. Looking forward to buying some of this!
They only just started selling it again a month or two ago after selling it in shops a few years back, hope the reduced price isn't because of lack of sales and it gets pulled again because it's amazing!

what is this item???

It's an ointment for your perineum...
None in Northampton. £1.79 on shelf label but nothing left. I guess this is end of line as no other Nando products are on offer.
sooo wish the nandos salsa was half price 2 that stuff is awesome
Found these today but the BB date on them was 11/10/10.
Thought that was why the offer was on, but it says running till 2nd or 3rd Nov or something, so will try again someday and see how good this tastes.
Ive got high hopes after all the recommendations in here.
Thanks for the post.

It's an ointment for your perineum...

Purchased 2 pots yesterday.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
gah the tesco's near me does not have any.... no sign of it...

time to go for more tesco's
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