Nando's sauces @ Nando's

Nando's sauces @ Nando's

Found 26th Dec 2012
5 bottles Extra Extra hot, garlic, extra hot, hot, medium and 1 peri peri Sprinkle plus 1 any combo meal free bargain if you into nando's


How do you order this?

can't see the offer on there website...any proof?

This sounds great - but where does one find it??

Been through the store on to no avail?

I think this is an instore rather than online deal.

anyone actually found this deal yet? My local Nando's Belfast Victoria Square has never heard of it.

I think this is another [img][/img]

Instore... 5 sauces and a spice mix and a meal for £10.74? Can anyone / OP verify / give more details please?!!

Bearing in mind the meals can be £8+ each this could be a bargain if it exists anywhere.

We had this offer on here a while back I seem to remember. You got the sauces and a quarter chicken thrown in, not a full meal. If this includes a full combo meal, then it is a bargain.

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Lakeside, essex in retail park I don't know if other stores has this offer
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