Nania TeamTex Trio Car Seat - £25 @ Asda Direct

Nania TeamTex Trio Car Seat - £25 @ Asda Direct

Found 30th Aug 2011
TeamTex Trio Group 0, 1 & 2 car seat.
Suitable for:
Group 0 (0 - 10kgs) - rearward facing
Group 1 (9 - 18kgs) - forward facing
Group 2 (15 - 25kgs) - forward facing

Approved to ECE R44.04 Universal car seat

This car seat is lightweight, making it easy for you to transport your baby. With 4 harness height position and individual harness tensioners for security you can make sure your little one is secure and comfortable. With other features such as, quick release buckle, head support cushion, chest and buckle pads, 5 point harness, side impact protection and with a wide comfortable seat you can travel with your baby safely and comfortably.

Compatible with car 3 point seat belt. Not suitable with lap belt only type seat belts. Styles may vary.
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Seems like a good price and good reviews, ordered one for grandkids, heat!
No disrespect to the OP but if you can afford to get better or have a baby under 6 months do not buy this seat. A family member bought this for us but we used it twice and got a Britax. If you baby cannot sit up yet, the way the seat is angled your baby ends up with their head forward for the whole journey its abysmal. Also it feels very loose in the car with the rear facing position that said it would probably be OK for older babies 1yr plus

We got one of these when our boy turned ~9months. Fantastic value, great seat, he sits comfortably and we're going to buy another one so we don't have to keep moving the one we have between our 2 cars.
I bought two of these for my in-laws when they were reduced at the end of one of the baby events, I agree with Benjefreys, they really don't feel very secure at all in the back facing position, even forward they are still not great when compared to my Britax evolva 123's (which did cost a lot more though) and the seat padding is poor. Having said that I think they are fine for occasional car seats.
Hmm, I need a car seat tomorrow for about 2 hours...
Great price, however if you can wait IMO hunt around amazon, baby pages, and supermarkets and you will get a good price eg morrissons have the britax prince as an example for £50, most other places sell this for £70 so you can get them. Personally I will never buy second hand, but when your done with the seat a branded seat wick always sell if in good condition but non-branded/not as well known will not sell, so spend a few quid more have better fit, possibly safer (test results), and be able to sel, it on for more IMO
terrible cheap and tacky! padding is just not there,wouldnt even put my 3 year old in this its so cheap and nasty,friend bought one and took straight back,def worth spending abit more,slack in car moved around way to much,head not supported at all,would warm to stear clear at all costs x
Got one in a previous baby event for 12.50. Great for using in Grandma's car & bonus is that my son finds it much harder to get out of these straps than thoese in his Britax First Class Plus car seat. He mastered thoese straps at less than a year old, so on that basis alone, makes it somewhat safer, although agree less padding, no recline & lower seat so cannot see out of car window. Def. worth the price though & nice looking too.
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