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Posted 17 August 2023

NAPOLEON Blackstone Premium Lumpwood BBQ CHARCOAL 7KG (7 bags Gets you free delivery)

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Not used it personally, but Napoleon is a well regarded brand, not worth buying a single bag, but multiple bags even with delivery is a decent price

Napoeon Blackstone Lumpwood Blend 7kgs A Canadian lumpwood blend of Beech, Sugar Maple & Birch.

A rich flavour along with a perfect burn time for long slow cooks or quick sears.
Keen Gardener More details at
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  1. TheDealAndEndAll's avatar
    How many cooks would a bag get me typically? New to the BBQ world!
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    That's a really hard one to answer because it will depending on a number of factors, like what you're cooking, at what temp, and for how long and in what type of BBQ.

    For example, a kamado ceramic BBQ is good as absorbing heat, so tends to burn charcoal more efficiently than standard ones. If you're searing steaks and want loads of heat, that obviously will eat through it faster than if you're just grilling some sausages, or if you're doing a 6-12 or even 24 hour lo-slo, that will burn through a lot.

    To give you some idea, I bought a 12KG bag Big K charcoal in early June, and I've been cooking a couple of times a week on average, mostly just quick grill stuff, with the odd 6-8hr lo-slow, and I've about 1/6th of the bag left. I have a Kamado Joe Jr, and I reuse any left over charcoal from the previous cook. Sorry, not much help but truthfully the best way to work it out, is to buy a bag and see how you go. (edited)
  2. Fergout's avatar
    Ordered a few bags cheers
    sotv's avatar
    My mate has for his Masterbuilt as well, as it is is recommended for lo&slo and high temp sears also.
  3. sotv's avatar
    Direct link, if get deal doesn't work? keengardener.co.uk/nap…ml? need to copy and paste to get it to work (edited)
  4. Omarh's avatar
    Thanks for posting. Anybody recommend? How does it compare to big K lump wood for example
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