Napoleon Dynamite [Special Collector's Edition] DVD - £4.96 delivered
Napoleon Dynamite [Special Collector's Edition] DVD - £4.96 delivered

Napoleon Dynamite [Special Collector's Edition] DVD - £4.96 delivered

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Your wildest reams just came true - here`s a laugh-out-loud look at the world of Napoleon Dynamite in Like, the best Special Edition Ever! This all-new 2-disc set is more fun than a barrel of ligers: follow your heart with two outrageous audio commentaries; feed your inner Ilama with behind-the-scenes footage; reach for the stars with brand-new documentaries and more!

Meet the pride of Idaho. The man with no plan. A nerd undeterred. He`s Napoleon Dynamite, and thanks to his special skills and new friends, Pedro and Deb, life at Preston High School will never be the same. Now if only he can survive life at home with his idiot brother, Kip, and scheming Uncle Rico. Are you ready to get your groove on? Yesssss!

This film is Marmite - you either love it or hate it. My family love it !! Vote for Pedro


It's a whole penny cheaper @ ][COLOR=blue]Dvd.co.uk[/COLOR]!! But there would be 5% quidco, as opposed to 3% for tesco

EDIT - correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's the same edition, just without that yellow blurb on the front?

One weird film, but I liked it a lot.

Really??? I thought it was awful!!

this film can be quite difficult to understand, after watching it i was left wondering what on earth this film was about, id say £5 is too much for this quite confusing and not very good film.


One of the worst movies I have seen in my life... Actually, I say "seen" but I turned it off after half an hour.

I liked it.

It's tripe!

Excellent film, but you do need to have a liking for films outside of the mainstream to really appreciate it. If you're looking for a linear, normal comedy, don't get it. If something more than a bloke falling over or making a really obvious one-liner gets you laughing, give it a whirl.

For the record, this DVD is also available in the Paramount "3 for £15" offer which is in most major high street stores at the moment.

The best film ever! What's to understand?

Geek gets pushed around, fancies girl, uncle throws steak in face, tries to help friend become president by dancing in front of the school ... surely this happened to everybody?

Quality film, will teach you everything you ever needed to know about women. Basically you need skills, like an awesome bike or some bo staff ninja skills

Its the same price at woolworths instore (unsure online) aswell.

this is like the best comedy ever! everyone in my family love him! Napoleon!

It's enchanting I think in a goofy kinda way. VOTE FOR PEDRO!
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