napster price cut £5 month

napster price cut £5 month

Found 8th Oct 2009
Music download service Napster has decided to cut the price of its unlimited package in an effort to compete with rival Spotify.

Napster users who plump for its unlimited deal, which gives full streaming access to 8 million or so tracks, will now pay £5 a month. Thats half the cost of Spotifys premium service.

Napster is also throwing in five DRM-free downloads at no extra cost, making the offer quite a tempting one.

The downside in comparison to Spotify is that theres no offline playback facilitated, and of course no option to listen free of charge (which Spotify offers with an ad-supported version).

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Good spot! Hopefully this will start a real price war.

How does Napster's catalogue compare to Spotify? Dio they have the big guns such as Oasis that Spotify lacks?

Does Napster support network streaming such as Squeezebox etc?
Ah hold on.. Napster have changed it's service to just be streaming, not downloadable tracks like it was before... Hmph.
music for free elsewhere. Cold.
Been waiting for Spotify to get their Symbian mobile app released. How does this work on the phone?
if they get any cheaper they will be giving it away... wait hang on reminds me of something...
I'm tempted, they've got an offer saying a tenner nets me 3 months service and 15 legal mp3 downloads...
don't forget to collect £5 quidco - so £5 for 3 months ad-free streaming and 15 real downloads.
Spotify is worth the extra couple few quid for offline playlists, and iphone streaming...
awful interface, also bitrate is 128 kbps v spotify 192 kbps free and 320 kbps on premium
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