Naruto Unleashed - Series 1:2 (£8.00 delivered!!!)
Naruto Unleashed - Series 1:2 (£8.00 delivered!!!)

Naruto Unleashed - Series 1:2 (£8.00 delivered!!!)

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13 anime episodes for £8, that's outstanding when you consider how overpriced every other big name anime is in rip-off Britain.

The subtitles aren't the best...online fansub groups have done a MUCH better job. There's one huge mistranslation in one of last few episodes that will confuse any first time viewers...


Uzumaki Naruto is a lonesome young boy from the Hidden Leaf Village, a town with several young ninjas-in-training who aspire to reach the village's one-of-a-kind highest ninja rank, the Hokage. Naruto is treated as an outcast by the rest of the village ever since a deadly fox-demon was sealed inside him when he was a baby. He now has a penchant for mischief but all Naruto really wants is some attention and respect. Accompanied by his secret crush Sakura, his skilled rival Sasuke, and his mentor Kakashi, Naruto will have to overcome many challenges as he comes of age and pursues his dream of becoming the Hokage.

The Naruto anime is adapted from the extremely popular Naruto manga series, created by Masashi Kishimoto, which has sold in excess of 59 million copies in its native Japan.

Featuring episodes 1 to 13!


This box is £9 in the stores so not too much more expensive (though the second volume is about 20 squids) however its also in the "5 for £30" deals that virgin do in store too
Having watched the first 3 via the internets I'd have to say this is one I'm thinking of buying. Highly enjoyable.

Sounds far-fetched
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