Natasha Bedingfield -  Unwritten  CD @ The Hut for 1.93

Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten CD @ The Hut for 1.93

Found 20th Jul 2009Made hot 21st Jul 2009
Disc 1

1. These Words
2. Single
3. I'm A Bomb
4. Unwritten
5. I Bruise Easily
6. If You're Gonna...
7. Silent Movie
8. We're All Mad
9. Frogs And Princes
10. Drop Me In The Middle
11. Wild Horses
12. Size Matters - Bonus Track
13. Peace Of Me - Bonus Track



beautiful album espceially wild horses.

I liek wild horses.

I lick wild horses.

I horses lick i.

I like wild hoses

this however sounds like 3 bontempis being switched to demo mode at the same time, why she wails along out of tune

I'd tap that...

I thought this was an average album myself and I think Natasha is somewhat overrated as an artist. As for the "Wild Horses" cover discussion, I will simply point you to Charlotte Martin's very good "On Your Shore" album where she does a beautiful piano cover of the track to close the otherwise Tori/Kate-fest that is the rest of the album (which is not to put it down, but she really does mimic those two on several tracks!). As for the bad idea of copy protection on Charlotte's CD, I just used Linux with grip/cdparanoia and the tracks ripped fine (yes, I bought the original CD and wanted MP3 copies for my PC/portable player).

FIT....I mean HOT..... :oops:
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