Nathan Barley - Complete Series £6.99 Delivered @!

Nathan Barley - Complete Series £6.99 Delivered @!

Found 4th Apr 2008!! Well Weapon! Any fans of Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker get your mits on this if you haven't already. I've got this at home and it comes in a nice booklet style of one of Channel 4's funniest series of recent times. Thought I'd post up as this is a brilliant price.

Stars Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding of Mighty Boosch fame, Richard Ayoade of the IT Crowd fame, and of course Nicholas Burns (Benidorm, IT Crowd).

Keep it foolish!

* Original pilot episode
* 48 page booklet of Nathan Barley's "works"
* Deleted scenes
* An option to view an entire episode redubbed with the wrong voices
* Newly recorded excerpts from Barley's internet radio show
* Extensive hi-res gallery of stills and programme graphics on DVD-Rom
* Original tvgohome compilation
* Hidden extras
* Region 0 - worldwide play

The brainchild of Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris, Nathan Barley is their latest comedy assault on society; a satirical parody of the Hoxton-finned, style obsessed world of the new media.

Nathan Barley is 26. He is a webmaster, guerrilla filmmaker, screenwriter, DJ and in his own words, a "self-facilitating media node". He is convinced he is the epitome of urban cool and therefore secretly terrified he might not be, which is why he reads Sugar Ape Magazine - his bible of cool.

Episode 1: Baffled human wreck Dan Ashcroft (columnist on Sugar Ape) watches in horror as his world is over-run with 24 carat berks, led by a strutting, brainless c***-of-the-walk called Nathan Barley, who, distressingly, has designs on Dan's sister Claire.

Episode 2: Dan is canonised against his will, while Nathan throws a party for his God-defeatingly rubbish website and oozes closer to Claire.

Episode 3: While Dan is plagued by a shrieking twit of a photographer called 15Peter20, Nathan grooms Claire with alcohol and unsolicited breast massage.

Episode 4: Dan accidentally creates a new hairstyle by sleeping in paint. Nathan needs a new look to impress glamourous TV chick Dajve 'dave' Bikinus. Something is killed.

Episode 5: Editor Jonatton Yeah? wants Dan to take part in some straight-on-straight gay action. A coke-blasted model proves an irresistible lure for Nathan.

Episode 6: In the final episode, Nathan piggybacks his way into Claire's meeting with a TV commissioner, Pingu is broken like a rag doll and Dan finally discovers a way to destroy Nathan.


Same at CD-Wow (with voucher) and Amazon (before postage). So a fair to middlin' deal. Well weapon.

quality series though!

I got this, it's totally fu**ing mexico!!!

Keep it foolish. This series is ace, bargain!

Nice one ....just ordered ...:-D two words .....geek pie !
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