Nathan Barley series one - £5.99 on iTunes

Nathan Barley series one - £5.99 on iTunes

Found 7th Feb 2016
Very funny show that seemed to go under the radar. Not sure if this is the normal price but seems cheap.
Written by Charlie Brooker
The cast list is outrageous, without listing everyone.

Nicholas Burns(aka Martin of Benidorm)
Julian Barratt
Noel Fielding
Richard Ayoade
Benedict Cumberbatch
Ben Whishaw

Dan Ashcroft, a bad-tempered and chaotic journalist working for hip magazine 'Sugar Ape', believes that he is surrounded by what he calls 'idiots': hedonistic scenesters who care about nothing but the latest trend. Nathan Barley is a prime example of this species, so logically he and his website '' are a hit with Dan's dim-witted workmates. No matter how much Dan tries to avoid him, Nathan keeps causing awkward situations for both Dan and his sister, earnest film-maker Claire. Can the rise of the idiot be stopped?
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The idiots are winning
they won
It has all come true, the rise if the idiots..

I might get this and transfer it to my Wasp T12. Nathan Barley is my favourite self facilitating media node.

Voted hot, keep it chopped out, yeah?
Bad uncle
One of the best shows I've ever seen. Didn't realise it was on all4. Can't wait to watch this again
Guessing this got apple voted. Yeah I probably should of searched all4 although I guess like Netflix you never know when things might disappear.
Yeah its funny, I knew too many people like this in the early 00s, I guess they were the hipsters of the day, I was a big music head which tended to mix with the types but was more the record collector geek than cool.
Keep it Mexico
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