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National Cinema Day 3rd September - All Tickets £3 + Booking Fee at Selected Cinemas e.g. Odeon, Vue, Empire

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

On Saturday 3 September, hundreds of cinemas across the UK are coming together to celebrate National Cinema Day, inviting everyonto enjoy the incomparable sights and sounds of the big screen experience.

Participating cinemas are offering all tickets to all shows from just £3, providing an additional incentive for you, your friends and family to come along, sit back and enjoy a movie where it belongs, on the big screen.

EDIT: Looks like this offer has shifted the cinemas off their usual schedule and screenings are now available at Odeon and Vue. Empire still saying Tuesday.

Films on general release (will vary from location to location):

  • DC League of Superpets
  • Nope
  • Fisherman's Friends: One and All
  • Thor: Love and Thunder
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru
  • Bullet Train
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Elvis
  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
  • Lightyear
  • Beast
  • E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
  • Fall
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home
  • Tad the Lost Explorer and the Curse of the Mummy
  • The Railway Children Return
  • Three Thousand Years of Longing
  • Orphan: First Kill
  • Where the Crawdads Sing
  • Jurassic World: Dominion
  • The Invitation
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • The Forgiven
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    Just a heads up... I noticed my local Odeon is on Deliveroo for pick up and deliveroo keep sending me £3.50 off to my various accounts with no minimum spend. So you could get a large popcorn for £2.50 instead of £6 while you're there :-)

    AMC shareholders like myself suggest this partnership with Uber
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    What does AD mean. All the showings are AD at Vue
    It is audio description but you won’t notice it - there is nothing on screen.
    Audio description is for people with sight impairment

    Only people with special headsets or hearing aids will hear it. (edited)
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    There's only vue where i live but charge 90p booking fee online? Wondering anyone knows if i can just go ahead buying there? Want 4 tickets that can save me a bit(popcorn)
    I read the below to mean you can buy them for £3 at the cinema on the day or in advance.
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    Just can't be bothered with cinema anymore. I used to go all the time but it's too expensive and 50/50 risk as to whether or not some douche is going to ruin it by being loud and obnoxious and the cinema staff don't seem to care. I bought a projector and good headphones, never been happier with my movie watching. Such a shame. Hot deal though for those looking to go.
    Cinema will always be the best way to experience a film.

    Can spend £100k on home cinema it won't beat the collective human experience of cinema & it's not all about how flash home AV is, it's not something you can buy.

    You maybe 'happy' at home with some headphones, I often am but I'm not under the illusion it substitutes true Cinema experience which is wide ranging.

    Some of my most memorable experiences ever have been watching films at Cinema and that includes blockbusters, classics, arthouse - Interstellar, Dunkirk, Dune & Dark Knight at IMAX Apocalypse Now, 2001, Clockwork Orange, Alien, Godfather on re release. Watching more arthouse films at independant Cinemas - Mulholland Drive, Fire Walk With Me, Under the Skin, Solaris, Melancholia, The Lighthouse, Bait, Tokyo Story, Repulsion.

    All of above experiences stay with me for life and is why I love film & cinema. I don't believe my passion for it would be anywhere near the levels it is if I had just sat at home watching on my own with headphones on.

    Cinema experience can't be beaten & it won't die, it's just something else suffering in the global climate. If anything the Global downturn I predict will revive Cinema, history shows creativity blossoms in periods of depression. (edited)
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    £3 to get in..
    2 medium cokes at Cineworld.. £8 😫
    Take your own cokes then
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    Does anyone know if this includes the Light Cinemas please...?

    48114692-jONrs.jpg (edited)
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    Nice. IMAX tickets to see ET.

    Replying to

    It's a Kent Cineworld.
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    The Light Cinemas are now also offering £3 tickets on Sunday 04/09/2022
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    It shows the state of modern movies when the only thing worth watching on that list is Star Trek II: The Wrath of KHAAAAAAN !!!!
    : (edited)

    Replying to

    Klaatu barada nikto
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    Nice! Looks to include the “VIP” seats at the same price too (Vue).
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    thanks a bunch, i sorted my 7 movie attack plan at westfield 10am fire of love 11.50 Dc superpets IMAX 2.50 Minions IMAX 5.45 3000 years 7.45 Invitation IMAX 10.20 Nope IMAX 12.20 Orphan IMAX or Dragon Balls across the road. yipee... (edited)
    I salute you good sir! Enjoy!
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    Thanks for posting.
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    Just got a nice 4DX Ticket for Spiderman no way home and a superscreen for Top Gun Maverick for £3.75 each

    Can't wait
    Maverick was AWESOME on the big screen, loved it
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    i wonder if post midnight friday screenings qualify?
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    Just had an email about this , so came to check it had been posted . Booked premier tickets at the odeon , was only saying this week that we hadn’t been to see a film in ages .
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    This includes cineworld
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    I highly recommend Top Gun Maverick, Orphan First Kill and Fall, all a fun watch and well worth £3. (edited)
    Maverick was brilliant, the fighter pilot scenes on the big screen..... WOW!
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    Can this be used with meerkat movies
    Cinema day is this Saturday, Meerkat movies are only on Tues & Wed's so no you can't combine both these offers x
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    £3! Its like being in Whitby!
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    Does this include luxe?
    I think so.
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    Does it have to be on the 3rd as I'm going to cardiff that day
    As in I am travelling that day and then have an event that I am going to so I wouldn't be able to go. So it was a genuine question and not about the location more the time
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    This also includes ScreenX and 4DX showings at Cineworld.
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    Just booked to watch Topgun Maverick on ScreenX for a family of 4 for £15 at cineworld using Tesco Clubcard vouchers 😃 (edited)
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    £3 for ET 40th Anniversary on IMAX… bargain
  25. Avatar
    Bah I was going on the 4th !
  26. Avatar
    nice deal, thx
  27. Avatar
    Not a lot near me, but great deal nonetheless.
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    Can't book that far ahead! Empire Ipswich, can only book up to Thursday, 1st.
    Can book for Saturday now.
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    Just booked to watch Fall with the teens, looks like a good new release, bargain!
    Happy cinema day everyone! 💙
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    When you book online you do have booking fees ?
    Yes, 90p each ticket (Vue)
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    How do you book this? Just tried booking maverick for tomoz and it keeps coming up full price at checkout?
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    I miss the cinema so very much. But still too unsafe sadly with rampaging unmasked infected covid fans and no clean air or basic air filtration or far uvc lights.
    Haha you freak.
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    Maverick booked with her on vip seats for £7.80 cheapest cinema visit ever I have (edited)
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    Which film to see?
    That's the problem for me!

    Not the latest Jurassic film. I've seen it. I wasn't impressed.

    Any ideas?
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    £1 tesco vouchers got us our £3 cineworld ticket - bargain 🎥
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