National Express Funfares only £5
National Express Funfares only £5

National Express Funfares only £5

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Not great if you are going somewhere specific but plenty of availablity if you fancy a day out.

Exclusively available online.


Not as good as they use to be when they were from £1 each way.

Megabus are still doing some good deals, and there seems to be plenty of rail deals around at the moment

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Megabus don't seem to operate where I live - up north. What rail deals? I'm looking for a good one?

Didnt know that NX have put the funfare price up to £5 from £1. Bargain even @ £5, for eg., from London to Aberdeen Megabus prices can hardly be less than a tenner for the same distance + better comfort with NX.


How much are the dodgems?

I've used these cheap fares extensively - I'll agree that NX coaches are generally more comfortable than Megabus coaches but cannot agree about the prices refered to by edi - all these prices are 'from' and the example that was given, London to Aberdeen on a date I selected for a comparision, NX were £6 more expensive than Megabus. Having used NX to get me from Stirling to London (about 9.5 hours) I can't see me willingly sitting on any coach for 12 hours no matter how comfortable, or cheap, it is.

With regards to my comment about train deals; I am based in London and there usually are good deals around most times e.g. London - Manchester from £1ew, London to the South Coast £3ew, London to anywhere on the NX East Coast Anglia line(s), £6ew etc, etc.

I will admit that perhaps living up North doesn't give the same sort of choice, but someone posted a deal from Cross Country Rail the other day and I've seen Virgin Trains doing deals from time to time as have Chiltern Rail and Scotrail (or whatever they're now called). One just has to keeping looking out to see what's being offered and I'm sure the good people who post on this site are only too pleased to pass on what they have found.


How much are the dodgems?

According to the OP, £5 :thumbsup:
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