National Express  if book through link 25% off

National Express if book through link 25% off

Found 27th Feb 2017
just found out if booked through below page than national express gives 25% off.…spx

I thought you have to be student but there is no validation to verify
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Need to book a week in advance
cheaper with my coach card by huge amount
thankyou for taking the time to post this. I wasted over an hour looking for deals last week and ended up booking full price, but this will be great for my pricier ticket next month
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Thanks, saved £13 from the ticket to Heathrow. yes, it works for airport too. There was an error in the booking system last night but works like a charm today in the morning. Heat added.
This looks great Could anyone confirm whether they check for a student ID when you're boarding with this ticket? I'd be wary to book until I knew that. Thanks.
I tried it but ticket was more expensive than the £5 tickets.
Does it work without student id?
they dont ask for student id you're boarding??thanks
It adds something like "25% uni student promo" onto the ticket so driver can check
Worked perfectly for me, thanks !

Worked perfectly for me, thanks !

Did you have to show Student ID when boarding? Thanks
Is this offer for every one or is this for students only?
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