national express travel cardiff to birmingham £12 return

national express travel cardiff to birmingham £12 return

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several deal going on in jan and feb to travel not only Birmingham but several places good get aways not to be missed check the site .certain dates will be £16 return but still a fantastic buy


this doesn't seem like an amazing offer, would have thought that a journey of that distance will usually be around that mark with funfares?


Great for those that can make use

Take the National Express, when your life's in a mess....

It must take ages for the journey.


Take the National Express, when your life's in a mess....

loool agreed..

rubbish service. Buses stink like **** which is funny as toilets don't even work on some of these buses. Drivers are always just irritated, snappy and frustrated as if the vibrations of the bus does something to them in their heads. Not to forget the leg space.

They want to increase more seats to increase passengers and hence profits but they don't realise there is many people in this world taller than 5 feet.

Ok for short journeys

Why would anyone want to go to Cardiff or Birmingham?

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lots of cheap deals going on national express beside Birmingham and Cardiff needs to be checked out and to benjal CARDIFF is a beautiful city

Cardiff looked nice for the brief 30 minutes I walked thru the town centre. its got beaches nearby and a castle. Brums nice if you know where to go for shopping and lunch

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its just some people don't travel that much they should try Cardiff bay in the summer [beach in the bay]

My dad travels with national express from Birmingham to Cardiff, he doesn't drive and he visits his mom. So thanks for this

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flowercup glad the info was off some use to u
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