National Geographic 30mm Telescope £2.99 @ Argos

National Geographic 30mm Telescope £2.99 @ Argos

Found 21st Aug 2013
Well since this hottie moved in across the way and has yet to get curtains I thought hmmm time for a spy... I reached my argos and found this and thought someone in a similar situation may benefit.

£2.99 cant go wrong.

I did a search found another deal with it but it was more so reposting.

NOTE: Above comments were a joke before someone gets their boxers/knickers in a twist.…htm
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Heat added for price, but bad link!
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A bargain for lewd neighbours everywhere

Heat added for price, but bad link!

Hey - it is working here. Which browser are you using?

Carp … Carp reviews:

Cheaper than carp though
Linky not working on mobile.. good price though
Not Found

The requested URL /h081y1A9U/18D/VVZQXZZ/RVUWXZV/Q/0VEB9H-PTYWYTPRTUVYYWVSZWWYPEG/1QQR240QQ-0URR3TYQ1YYUY4WZ42XYSR was not found on this server.
Not coming up for me either even though I copied and pasted it and checked it. Heres the argos id 906/6612

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Carp … Carp reviews:

Although the amazon reviews aren't necessarily talking about fish the reviews are based on the RRP of £34 of this particular telescope so FOR THE PRICE its hot from me.
Managed to reserve a couple at Rotherham.
its a toy (_;)
soulman123 don't bother you'd get a better view looking down a cardboard tube.
aww would have bought this for my son but only got 2 half stars out of 5 on the reviews :-(
Where can I possibly use this telescope?
chars mi matey arrrr!
Fab thank you, just reserved one for my little boy who wants one. As he is only 5 im not too fussed on how good a quality it is as I feel it will be a 2 minute wonder anyway, and the price is right 1 more present put away for Christmas!
Link worked on phone no probs. Reserved 2 for Xmas presents, thanks

Hey - it is working here. Which browser are you using?

Hi, link has been changed and is now working on same browser (Firefox).

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For the price it's ideal for my young son. Will pick one up at weekend if they're still available. Thanks OP.

Where can I possibly use this telescope?

trying to spot a genuine tesco hot deal
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Reserved the last three for my kids. For three quid, I'm sure it's a sufficient toy for a week or two!
Heat added! :-)
Got this already and to be honest its not great. the opening in the eyepiece is too small and its too easy to knock it out of focus especially when young kids are trying to use it.

Cheaper than carp though

Ooh now, don't be koi
These are useless. Poor image quality and ours has broken v. easily.
It may be only £3 but I wouldn't waste that on it.
Hey soulman, i hope you get a lot pleasure watching your new neighbour and manipulating your telescope.I bet he's really buff and tanned.
you must have a wierd eye alignment there eye on the tottie and the other on the wifey
Great find, cheap stocking filler for the easily impressed child. Thanks!
Best treated as a stocking filler not a decent present. We have had a couple of the Nat Geo things and both were rubbish. The star gazing projection thing was absolute carp, can't even remember what the other was as it went off to the charity shop almost immediately.

It's a shame because, like a mug, you buy your kids these things thinking that Nat Geo wouldn't put their name on something that was rubbish. Sadly, not true.
yeah i got one and watched people having sex so it works!!
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