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National Geographic Metal Detector with free 5 year guarantee £24.99 with free click and collect @ Rymans

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Start the New Year feeling lucky Del Boy style with this metal detector!

Find buried coins, jewellery and even antiques using this National Geographic Childrens Metal Detector, which works just like a professional metal detector.

This metal detector emits a buzzer sound when an object is detected and the buzzer intensifies when an object is in close proximity. An additional light signal also feature on the handle.

The ergonomic handle features an adjustable length from 65cm to 83cm to adapt to different height requirements, for comfort as your child grows.

Ideal for all weathers, this metal detector can be used in shallow water such as streams and puddles, and there is even a clip-in LED lamp for working in low light conditions.

. Metal Detector
. Detects metallic objects - even under the surface
. Can be used in shallow water
. Buzzer sounds when object detected
. Buzzer sound intensifies when object is in close proximity
. Ergonomic handle
. Adjustable in length from 65 cm to 83 cm
. Search coil can be angled
. Additional light signal (LED lamps in the handle)
. Clip-on LED lamp
. Powered by battery (metal detector: 1x Alkaline battery* (9V); LED lamp: 3x AAA batteries*)
. Batteries not included
. Five-year guarantee when purchase is registered
. Approx. dimensions (mm) H 830 W 200 D 200
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    Has anyone ever used this and found a gem?
    If you don’t buy a ticket, you’ll never win the raffle
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    You will find more with a brush and paper plate attached to it than with this piece of rubbish....buy a decent second hand machine off eBay for £200-300....I'd go for a xp goldmaxx power or a xp orx great machines I owned a power for a few years and they are a great machine. Go on YouTube and watch plenty tutorials.
    It's probably ok for kids finding bottle caps or coke cans but don't expect to find treasure with this. (edited)
    Whats the best thing you've ever found? Any treasure?
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    Anyone recommend a decent detector, budget up to £300?
    Minelab Vanquish Series. 340 is the base model, 440 is the best compromise between cost and function. 540 has the most features but costs more.

    Or the Nokta Makro Simplex+

    Both the above are often compared in YouTube, so watch a couple of videos. The simplex looks a little more modern, and is 'waterproof' and charges from usb. The vanquish is a bit bulkier but uses multi frequency detection which should give better results. The vanquish uses AA batteries, which I actually find better as I can carry spares around ready to swap in. A set of rechargeable last about 8 hours.

    There is quite an art to learning to read the signals. A decent detector will often find metal in a farmers field every couple of steps, the art is predicting if it is worth digging up or not.

    You listen to the tones, check from different angles etc.

    Both of the above will easily detect 12-18" down.

    Remember that you need permission to dig in most places though, you can't just wander down to the park to search. There are loads of organised digs, but then you pay a fee to participate. Many public beaches are free to search in the UK though.
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    You won’t be doing the gold dance 
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    What you got?

    Ring pull
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    Can you get ones with a mains adapter?
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    I bought my son a metal detector for Xmas and read around about these nat geo ones then, and the reviews were not very good. I ended up buying this one instead
    And it's a tenner cheaper and has been decent. It can be extended a bit but it really is predominantly for kids
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    Time machine comment that we picked these up for £14 off Amazon late last year but they are great fun on sandy beach. I'd say the strength isn't really up to picking anything more than an inch or so down and we've not found on soil
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    Loose Change down the back of the sofa!
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    Cold. Nat Geo metal is paper thin.
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    As long as this is only seen as a toy it isn't too bad for a bit of fun. You could hide a few coins in the garden and get your kids to find them.

    It won't be any use for anything more serious though. It doesn't offer any discrimination, so will detect everything. Proper detectors will give you some kind of feedback through the tones and the numbers produced on the screen.

    We started with a cheap detector and quickly moved on to a proper detector (albeit at the lower end of proper)

    We got the Minelab Vanquish 440, and it has been a lot more fun since, on the downside proper detectors are a bit too heavy for my 10 year old to swing for more than 15 minutes or so.
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    Show me to the non-ferrous metals…
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    19.99 at robert dyas
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    I assume this is a kids toy?