National Tyres Barum Bravus 3HM V (BOGOF) + 10% 205 55 16

National Tyres Barum Bravus 3HM V (BOGOF) + 10% 205 55 16

Found 27th Nov 2015
I had to buy some new tyres this week and there was a BOGOF offer on from national tyres on Barum Bravus. This is a mid range tyre that gets ok reviews so I bought 4. I just say they are doing extra 10% off on this for black Friday.

So I got 4 tyres fitted and balanced at work for £164
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Be prepared to add the cost of refurbishing your alloy wheels after having tyres fitted by this bunch of cowboys. Had damage to all 4 wheels on last visit, 2 damaged the visit before. Also check out some forums, this lot seem to be the worst culprits.
Finally watch they actually balance the wheels properly. I have to tell them every time to do a check after fitting the weights, they are supposed to.
I'll never use them again.
Edited by: "bruceboy" 27th Nov 2015
Don't buy these tyres. Although they are cheap and the wear rate is better than Dunlops the grip levels are not great. As the tyre wears down they are quite poor. Spend a little more and get something else. I won't buy them again.
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