National Vaccination Month (may) for your animals and free health check

National Vaccination Month (may) for your animals and free health check

Found 5th May 2011
National Vaccination Month: May 2011 and free health check

If you have an animal that’s behind with their vaccinations, don’t leave them at risk of serious infectious disease. During National Vaccination Month, May 2011, we’re offering reduced cost vaccination for qualifying unprotected adult animals for cats, dogs, horses and rabbits.

'On presentation of this voucher, your pet is entitled to a free health check and primary course vaccination for the cost of a single booster (a total of 2 visits) at a discount of up to £30.

Please note : pets must be older than 18 months and not have been vaccinated for at least 18 months to qualify

At participating veterinary practices in GB. The first appointment must be made during may 2011.


I strongly recommend getting pets vaccinated annually. It's better for everyone and this seems like the ideal time if you haven't already done so.

According to my friend who works for the RSPCA, a cat vac costs £2 for the vac, the rest of the cost is the vet's charge. Still, it's a discount on the normal price, so hot.

Thanks for the head's up.

This is a good deal if your pets are overdue for a vaccination or haven't been vaccinated at all as you get the primary course vaccination for free.

If you get your pets vaccinated annually, then they only need a booster (as they've already had and you've already paid for the primary course vaccination when they were first vaccinated). So you wouldn't be saving any money with this.

Voted hot as anything that helps people to better look after their pets and reduces the burden of often extortionate vets prices, is surely a great thing.
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