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Dunlop 225/45/17 91 W tyres - £76.47 @ National Tyres & Autocare
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
A good price for a fully fitted tyre of Premium brand and good fuel and wet grip rating. Specially useful if your local garages charge £15-20 for changing tyres.

Discount also available on Pirelli too PIRE5 - plus if you spend over £250 you can spread cost over 3 instalments 0% - sadly not on Dunlop tyres though. Good find, thanks.


Dunlop Sport Maxx RT...


Are these Dunlop rainsport ?

50% Off on Front Wheel Alignment at National Tyres
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Print and show the voucher to Redeem this Offer available Nationwide
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I'd go to an independent for alignment, all these big tyre companies are too hard to know if yo'll get a helpful, truthful guy or some lying scumbag telling you your car is so unsafe that puppies are dying every time you drive it. So many of us have been had over by these companies, for me it's not worth the trouble..... unless you willingly like to pay to have an arguement and enjoy the potential for being ripped off.


I don't think I would trust National Tyres to align my wheels. Voted hot though for people who want to get through their new set of tyres in a couple of months.


link valid until 31/12/18


Just go for a proper hunter wheel alignment if you want one


Says £29.00 on their Web site. I paid the same for halfford's today which was the cheapest I could find Locally. Most others wanted £25 per corner being adjusted

NATIONAL TYRES PAYMENT ASSIST : spread the cost of any work being done on your car over £250.
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
National tyres are offering a new service in which you can now spread the cost of any work being done on your car over £250. There are no credit checks and no forms to fill in al… Read more
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Said I'd need a new tyre. Took elsewhere got fixed no bother. Wouldn't use them again


F1AC markets the same credit product


I'm hoping that was sarcasm.


I would have thought this sort of persona would have made one more likely to get the offer?


No forms to fill in? Sounds like a Meldrew Victory.

Front wheel alignment 50% OFF @ National Tyres And Autocare
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
Saw a deal back from 2016, apparently it's back (or never actually expired) Great deal, next cheapest I could find was 29.99 @ Halfords.

Ah, no worries. I can see on their website they actually use Supertracker so no. For reference, here's some opinions from the internet


Doesn't mention anywhere on their site that they use Hunter gear for alignment so I'm guessing not. Can anyone confirm?


Why would you want your wheel alignment 50% off, you're just going to crash?


They get u in and tell you your tyres are illegal, scam


Only needed if your car veers to one side or have abnormal tyre wear with correct tyre pressure, so some thing you would have done asp normally.

FREE Puncture Repair at National - pay for valve and balance (£10ish)
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
I found this offer !!!! My MGF ( yes I have a hairdressers car )had got a puncture and I found this offer, they charged me a tenner to do the wheel balance and for the new valve. … Read more

My local place do it all for £8 quid. Cold from me


Which Kwik Fit is your local?. :-)


Then the only other way is with a DIY kit


Punctures are usually repaired with a 'plug' these days. You have to remove the tyre to push it through the hole. Sidewall punctures shouldn't be repaired. This document details the standard and mentions patches, but I understand plugs are nearly always used these days. Minor car tyre repairs PDF The method of repair mandates tyre removal.


Had a friend who worked for ATS Euromaster and said they had pressure to push unnecessary sales to improve performance. Copied this from a review of them on Indeed. ConsOver worked - Under Pressure from Area Manager to sell NO Matter WHAT..!

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Wheel Alignment (tracking) at National for £15
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
National Tyres - 50% off for wheel alignment. Normally £29.99. ATS Euromaster prices start from £36.99.
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Thanks, got booked in & sorted straight away great service bargain £ just need the cash for 4 new tyres


Seriously dont bother with them. They are trying to rip you off every time you go there


Local Toyota garage , think I'll pass


^ what he said


Something like this There used to be a 5% discount voucher kicking about.

Free MOT when you buy 2 tyres @ National Tyres
Found 18th Oct 2017Found 18th Oct 2017
Free Mot when you purchase 2 new tyres online just enter your invoice number into the link. Qualifying transactions will receive an e-mail with a FREE MOT voucher code that can be… Read more

I dont think so.....4x245x45x18 for me ...aotelli ...yes budget but b/c rating is only 229 fitted not so bad if 2 pirelli only are in that price .....


for ages I was using one garage for MOT, they were finding little things like bulbs. They were not having great business with me as car was running fine so there was no attachment to me for financial reasons, in this place... Then I have moved and garage was like 3-5 miles away - but just 100 meters from my new place was another place. I took the risk and... amount of repairs exceeded value of the car... so these days I don't go new places as long as garage do not loose my trust. My last tyres I ordered from Germany - way the best price. Only ordering was a bit dodgy. I tried to add it on hotdeals but it was rejected for some reason. Maxxis all season, they get good reviews, but found them sliding sideways on road bends, unlike the previous - of forgotten name.


Can you get 10% off Bridgestone and the free mot? If I buy 2 bridgestone tyres


Budget tyres I got were actually cheaper than Blackcircles. Great deal for me...


Call me cynical but I always feel these nationwide companies have a way of MOT failing your car to extract some extra shekels out of you as well as ripping you off with the tyre sale in the first place.

Free MOT with 2 or more tryes bought from National Tyres
Found 23rd Sep 2017Found 23rd Sep 2017
Been on for a while but never noticed it on the revoling offers on there main page. But up until 30th September 2017 if you buy two or mores tyres at National tyres you can get a v… Read more
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In the title it was spelt two ways to make sure people with search 'fat fingers'


this is still valid promotion ends 31/10/17 voucher valid to 30/11/18


guys, could you please correct spell check in title, as when I was searching "tyres" there were no respond there for I posted the same deal again.


was hoping there would be more branches, my nearest is +6 miles away.


Tbf, I used to have a Peugeot 106. It was a piece of junk. I was expecting it to fail. But amazingly they passed it. Don't know how.

Very Cheap Oil & Filter Change £43.82 @ National Tyres & Autocare
Found 12th May 2017Found 12th May 2017
National Tyres and Autocare currently have a great offer running on a oil and filter change but you need to order online. I took advantage of this yesterday and it cost me £43.82 f… Read more
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Just a word of warning... a mate took his newish BMW there not so long ago... the oil they use is stored in unlabelled barrels (although they say they use Castrol Edge) - so who knows what oil they actually put in? Secondly, its not unheard of these type of garages to cause oil leaks from the sump plug due to misaligned/overtightened sump plugs - just be warned!! Also over-filling has also been an issue.. Personally, I'd rather pay 30-40 squids extra to an indi who knows what he is doing and who you can trust is using the correct grade of oil.. Anyone had any similar experiences? Remember - if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.. Many thanks..


Good deal. £42 for my 1l petrol car! They used top oil though.


"Some vehicles may require the sump tray to be removed in order to carry out an oil change. If required a small labour charge may apply" Haha I'm surprised they don't charge for parking as well :D 52 quid is expensive for their oil, I only use total quartz in mine and it's £25 a tub. If you don't want to do it yourself get the oil and filter you want and ask your local mechanic to do it he'll charge you 10-15 quid and won't try to tell you your tyres are perished lol.


They did mine a couple of months ago - same price . No issues ( they didn't try to charge extra to remove/refit the undertray , which it says they may do when you book ). They did say my aux belt needed replacing, but i declined from letting them do it. Like others have said its not much cheaper to do it yourself ( my car uses 6 litres of 5w30 ford spec oil ).


​Id say nearer £20 for the oil, even cheaper if bought by the drum.

½ Price MOT offer @  National Tyres and Autocare Offers £27.42 +TCB
Found 14th Mar 2017Found 14th Mar 2017
Recently I have booked Wheel balancing service. Got offer back as: ½ Price MOT offer To redeem your ½ Price MOT, simply visit and make an MOT appointment onli… Read more
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Just passed MOT. First fail as electric shortcut in back light. Guy advised to change bulb as this could be resons behind. Did it, arange retest free of charge. All done and dusted for half of the price. So recommended.


Agreed. All my tests are done fairly aswell as any other work we do. I also explain the advisories to customers and will try to put people off fixing certain things that have been advised if they dont need doing. My regulars are looked after well and il often do the odd wee thing free for them they appreciate it and know theyre getting a good honest service. Good luck getting that at the dealer or a chain garage


I charge full price. Ive never seen no pass no fee i cant see how that could work. Simple maths tells you they would have to make the money up somewhere.


Nobody pays full price for an MOT these days. Best garages are those who say "No Pass - No Fee" ... don't bother with anything else. OH, yes, avoid these cowboys ..... it WILL fail on something made up.


Aren't MOT's always half price or thereabouts, the proper list price is £54.85 and nobody charges/pays that.

Free Puncture Repair (charge for valve + balance) @ National Tyres
Found 25th Oct 2016Found 25th Oct 2016
hopefully save someone having to buy a new tyre

​a tyre repair should range from £5-£10 normally only place I seen was kwik fit who wanted silly money..


I have used these vouchers twice and had no problems. Repair to the tyres for under £10 including rebalance and new valves. Not sure about all the hate on here to be honest.


Yeah I had same, tyre not repairable. £120 for new one and another one getting low. Annoying!


"Sharp intake of breath" The tyre is non repairable, we can supply one for £100 not fitted very well and badly balanced. Oh, and we noticed a deep cut on another of your tyres. We might as well do your brakes as they will need doing in the next 20k miles and we have a special deal on air conditioning recharge........................ Colder than an ice maidens....


lol, that's like offering a free coffee and saying that there is a charge for the cup it is served in. Hardly surprising this went chilly rather quickly ;)

Front Wheel alignment £15 at National Tyres , no other purchase necessary
Found 6th Mar 2016Found 6th Mar 2016
Car Front Wheel alignment is only £15 at National Tyres and Autocare centres. You need to print the voucher (click Get Deal). No other purchase necessary - I went to my nearest one… Read more
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Two different experiences - had a couple of bridgestones RFT changed first, no problem and were cheapest I could find at the location I was in (Grays branch). Then tried wheel alignment with voucher on misses car, told me 5 degrees out (no chance), then didn't attempt to loosen the nut and charged me an extra £10 to use a blow torch for 2 seconds (Derby Branch).


They refused to honour the voucher and said they'd only do 4 wheel alignment at a price of 29.95 "per adjustment".... Equating to a bill potentially of well over 150 quid. Lol don't bother with these clowns. Feel duped. It's not genuine offer and it was a waste of a journey



when I first started driving I got conned on my first two experiences with garages - since then I have avoided going to garages unless it has been beyond my knowledge (so far only once in 30 years and then Audi main dealer said it was a head gasket as I later discovered it was diagnosed as my water level was slightly low - they did not solve the problem and charged £250), anyway I have become a dab hand at doing my own4 wheel tracking with long lengths of wood and tape measure + spirit levels, all the manuals say you can not do it yourself ! I disagree and although does take some time I have had no problems of uneven tyre wear or pulling after I have adjusted them!


can't believe how nieve people still are even this day in age to still drive in to a fast fit center you deserve what you get.... but a guy i spoke to today didn't deserve the service he got... paid a fortune to get his front and rear brakes done to find out less then a week later rear pads and discs metal to metal and 1 rear caliper seized. i wont even tell you about the front!

2 x Barum Bravuris 3HM 205/55 R16 91V Fully Fitted £98.50 @ National tyres
Found 31st Jan 2016Found 31st Jan 2016
Buy one get one free Barum Bravuris 3HM 205/55 R16 91V, including fitting (or free mobile fitting) I am not an expert on tyres, but they look like very good tyres for the price, … Read more

I have 17" XL FR ones on my E46 320i and they seem to grip really well even in the wet, despite being a summer tyre. One did get punctured on the inside wall by something on a cobbled road, it sounded like metal. Sourced a replacement from Oponeo for £58, had it balanced, fitted and old tyre disposed for approx. £8 at my local garage. No problems in the 6 months since it was fitted.


Great tyres, have a look at the Tyre Shopper website as well as they use National for fitting.


these are good tyres I run the 18 inch xl version on my a6 avant and they are just as good as the continental tyres they make in the same factory. I get 20,000 miles from the front tyres and twice as much on the back.


Don't want to burst your bubble and it is a good deal but you've only ordered 2 tyres !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Or you pay for 2 and manage to convince them to get another 2 fitted for free, I don't know.

National Tyres Barum Bravus 3HM V (BOGOF) + 10% 205 55 16
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
I had to buy some new tyres this week and there was a BOGOF offer on from national tyres on Barum Bravus. This is a mid range tyre that gets ok reviews so I bought 4. I just say th… Read more

Don't buy these tyres. Although they are cheap and the wear rate is better than Dunlops the grip levels are not great. As the tyre wears down they are quite poor. Spend a little more and get something else. I won't buy them again.


Be prepared to add the cost of refurbishing your alloy wheels after having tyres fitted by this bunch of cowboys. Had damage to all 4 wheels on last visit, 2 damaged the visit before. Also check out some forums, this lot seem to be the worst culprits. Finally watch they actually balance the wheels properly. I have to tell them every time to do a check after fitting the weights, they are supposed to. I'll never use them again.

MOT for £35, Wheel Allignment for £15, Free Puncture Repair and more @ National Tyres
Found 28th Jan 2015Found 28th Jan 2015
Seems like a few good deals available if you have any car troubles.
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I second staying away from this company. had 2 new front tyres fitted at my local branch ,both alloys damaged and a small dent and paint mark on th side of my car which wasnt there before i took it in. went through their claims procedure and even though their manager agreed that at least the wheel damage was their fault,the claim has been denied by their insurance company and themselves. To cut a long story short they will lead you through a long claims process (2 1/2 months) , and then will increasingly ignore your calls and emails in the hope you give up. No one had the courtesy to tell me my claim was denied until i went to their online site asking why my claim was taking so long/why my emails and calls were being ignored. If your car is damaged by them, they WONT look after you.


they have similar machine to hunter, also kwikfit uses hunter and they charge 65, that is just stupid. So for 15 it is really good


Just had 2 tyres fitted at National tyres Rochdale, Got home and inspected the wheels and both front rims looked badly scratched. After some heavy handed cleaning with T cut eventually got rid of the black tar like substance which they use to put on the tyres. No customer care obviously. a blind man could have seen the state of the alloys, what would it take to show some customer care and clean off the residue of their fitting solution. Also had the free wheel alignment, and of coarse, my wheel were 6mm and 8 mm out at the front. Asked for the price £29.00 inc VAT. never mentioned the discount voucher available at £15.00 inclusive. Went in with 2 car remote keys working got home and only 1 now functions. After reading reviews about their abilities on wheel alignment........ I think I will avoid using National Tyres services for the foreseeable future. Dodge City springs to mind !!


The firm works by putting each depot under big pressure to reach sales targets, in my experience they will try and sell you things you don't need so they can meet them in fear of loosing their jobs, also paid a rubbish wage with no real incentive other than if they are the top selling depot in the region they win a prize....again pushing the sale of unwanted items to customers. Most 'special offers' also take away from their targets making it even harder for them causing the need to sell extra stuff when you use one.


Had an oil change done with these. Tried to tell me the undertray needed removing and will cost extra. This was even tho my undertray has a access flap on it. I pointed this out to him and he said they need to 'inspect' the sump for insurance reasons. In the end he did it without removing it because it would have taken 20min to get it off. Wouldn't use them for mot, they'll fail it on anything minor.

50% discount on wheel alignment only £15 @ National Tyres and Autocare
Found 27th Nov 2013Found 27th Nov 2013
National tyres offering half price wheel alignment, £15 only...

just to say this deal is back on. Got mine done today, hopefully some branches are better than others reading the above comments!




Took mine and my steering wheel is now not straight cowboys


Took mine last year and they couldnt do it lol dummies oO


You pay peanuts. You get monkeys

Free Safety Check & Visual Inspection @ National Tyres & Autocare
Found 2nd Oct 2013Found 2nd Oct 2013
Came across this, very useful with winter coming up... Book Online Now Free safety check for your peace of mind The visual safety inspection is carried out by one of our skilled … Read more
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No point really. If your car is hard to start either get a new battery or charge yours up. You can't SEE if a battery is any good by just a visual inspection. Tyres you can get checked at any reputable garage or by just running your finger along the groves on the tyres and if you can feel the bobble at the same level as the tread then you need new ones. And as for the exhaust a loss of power and an unusual noise usually tells you if something is wrong. It's about time people take some time once a week to check their cars for defects! Anyway I wonder if national tyres or autocare will check if people's lights are working? Nothing worse I think than seeing cars with brake lights or headlights that don't work in bad weather or at night!


MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I laughed out loud at the "visual inspection", some fat bloke with the remains of fried egg in the corner of his mouth going yeah "looks fine but while your here I think the chassis is bent and we can repair it for £456443 while you wait".


i know they do but at least i will be aware of what needs doing and find a cheeper quote myself.


Likely to be the main reason for the offer.


Just be careful that they don't use this as a way of getting you to buy things you don't need.

Oil & Filter change at National Tyres & Autocare from £28.80 10% off code = £25.92
Found 19th Sep 2013Found 19th Sep 2013
This deal is back on. Generated some heat so thought id repost it as the other one expired. Use code GPLUS2OF to get 10% off.
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Hahaha! Paranoid much?


good deal if you can't do it yourself and they use castrol, doing it yourself you do get some oil left in the container for topping up in the future.


DO NOT USE THIS PLACE, NOTHING BUT AGRO!!! They intentionally left the screws undone on the under tray of my car, because I politely asked which oil did they use and to make sure that the oil be topped up to the max, resulting in me breaking down on the M40! NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!!! Total cost to me so far as a direct result of using this place is £50.40 (Roadside Repair - To remove remainder of under tray) + £84.02 (Parts) + £248.82 (Labour) = £383.24! I've been so busy I haven't had the time, but I will be emailing head office today, will keep you updated. You might get lucky and get away with it or you will REGRET IT!!!


Good deal. I changed the oil and had a wheel alignement at the same time.


got mine done when last advertised. saved myself a couple of quid by not selecting the old oil disposal......they still disposed of it ; 0)